NEW Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor

Radio writes: “The new X1t is based on the classic super mini monitor, the X1. This revised version seeks to pack as much performance as possible into a very small form factor. And finally, at a relatively low price, in comparison to performance. Welcome to the new reference in super mini monitors.”  

The Goal

The ambitions of the X1t are basically the same as any Raidho speaker. We try to achieve:

  • Extremely low level of noise / coloration of the sound
  • Dramatic, energetic sound with a very wide soundstage
  • Hear every detail, but no fatigue
  • Very easy to listen to
  • A unique sonic holography
  • The sound appears right out of the blue
  • Very authentic and close the original

Ribbon Tweeter

Of course, the X1t also builds on the legendary Raidho Ribbon Tweeter. Actually, it is a Planar Magnetic Tweeter due to the tracks in the foil. The foil is only 20 milligram and 11 mikron thick, so it has 50 times less mass in comparison to a conventional dome tweeter. This means virtually no resonances or distortion. The breakup point is at an incredible 82 KHz! The result is clear and natural sound, like no other. Especially in this price class, this level is unbeatable.

Ceramic with Tantalum coated bass drivers

Finally, a drive unit that can keep up with the Raidho ribbon tweeter!

The base of our membrane is an aluminum cone, which in itself, is very rigid and stiff. One of the challenges with aluminum is that is has its own distinct sound/ringing. To eliminate this, our drivers are all coated with a thin layer of ceramics, adding to the first layers in the design. The coating is put on through a plasma process that binds the ceramic coating to the aluminum. With the aluminum-oxide ceramic cones, the first breakup mode was raised to 12,5kHz, which sets a high standard for cone-driver resonances.

The t in X1t means Tantalum. Tantalum belongs to a class of metals known as refractory metals, which are defined by their strong resistance to heat and wear. It has a melting point of 2,996 °C, the fourth highest of all metals. This makes the membrane much stiffer and harder without adding any weight and thereby raising the breakup modes to an incredible 15kHz.

The motor system of the drive unit, is a piece of art. A very aero dynamic construction with a high-level ventilation which increases dynamics and lowers distortion. High strength neodymium magnets allow for ultimate control in a unique construction.

The Crossover & Enclosure

In comparison to the standard X1, better components have been implemented resulting in more open and clear sound. The enclosure has further been redesigned internally meaning the airflow and bass reflex port provides much higher bass output and quality.

Made in Denmark

In Pandrup, Denmark we have our own unique production of drive units, crossovers, and assembly line. We are proud to say that we have our own dedicated team which extraordinary skills which makes the quality of Raidho come to life. True craftsmanship and passion for every single detail is in our hearts.


Founded in 1972, DANTAX Radio A/S began producing loudspeakers under the original brand name. From 1977 – 1980 DANTAX even owned Scanspeak. Since then, DANTAX has produced many different products in the Consumer Electronics segment. Now, a reborn High End manufacturer, DANTAX focuses on producing high quality products under the brand names Raidho, Scansonic and GamuT Audio. DANTAX is today a public listed company in Denmark.