New Rosso Fiorentino Pienza s2 Speakers.

Rosso Fiorentino writes: “The new and updated Pienza s2 is our little gem of electroacoustics. A precision and musical mini-monitor in the Rosso Fiorentino style.” 

“Rosso Fiorentino is more than just a loudspeaker manufacturer. RF is enthusiasm for the magic that happens every time we create a sounding machine, it’s a way of life, it’s love for music and for its ability to stir emotions and bring people together.
From the very beginning I wanted RF to be different from the other brands for its absolute acoustic performance, refined craftsmanship and Italian elegance. With the Rosso Fiorentino systems, I wish to convey our culture to the listeners, a culture that is deeply rooted within all members of our company, and which is based on a common passion for live music, an academic background in electroacoustics, and the instinctive pursuit of elegance.
Our is a Tuscan company and from our history and culture we draw inspiration to always look for new ways to improve ourselves. Our loudspeakers embody the soul of the place where they are made. Their sound reflects the character of our land… straight, essential, always caring for proportion and detail, made to last.”
Francesco Rubenni