“New S.A.Lab Hercules Integrated amplifier is technologically identical to the S.A.Lab’s Hercules MkII Magister of Music, but much more affordable and powerful enough to drive any speakers with 2 x 75 W 4 Ohm.”


  • Highest quality tubes used are 6072, 6v6 and output Russian 6п36с. All tubes were produced in 1970s and earlier.
  • Separate power supplying including for heating, biasing and driver stages. More than 1 kW at total.
  • Output transformers designed and producing by S.A.Lab (size-to-power ratio is 2 x 800 W)
  • All transformers are custom made by S.A.Lab.
  • Module design similar to that of Hercules MkII provides easy access to any part of amplifier’s tract.
  • Volume control based on relay-commutated resistor arrays.
  • Terminals for 4 and 8 Ohm speakers
  • Face plate is polished Corian (enormous colour palette).