I’m often asked, what to recommend speaker-wise at the down to earth pricing. You simply cannot go wrong with the Scansonic speakers and what’re offering sound-wise for the money. Here is the latest addition, the new MK-5 affordable loudspeakers…

“Danish Scansonic may be the sister company of the highly covetable Danish brand Raidho, but its impressively affordable ‘HD’ range of loudspeakers is winning over audiophiles and music lovers in its own right. Just added to the range is the new MK-5 stand-mount model.

Scansonic’s new MK-5 is a compact two-way mini-monitor, featuring the same ultra-light sealed ribbon planar magnetic tweeter found in the brand’s Raidho-inspired M-series. The tweeter’s membrane is formed by a kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20μm thick which has an extremely low mass – approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome. This lower mass translates directly into higher resolution and less material coloration. 
The tweeter is partnered with a brand new 4.5-inch Kevlar coned mid/bass driver (hence the ‘K’ in ‘MK-5’) with underhung magnet system. Kevlar is a lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong material that was first used commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tyres. Today it is probably best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armour. In a loudspeaker driver cone, Kevlar’s low mass and very high tensile strength combine to deliver a smooth, accurate and detailed sound.
Styling-wise the MK-5 bears a strong resemblance to Scansonic’s Raidho-inspired and sleek-looking MB-series, and is available in a choice of black-piano or white-piano finish. 
It is yet another virtuoso solution from Scansonic HD, giving music lovers a persuasive opportunity to enjoy high-end performance at a mid-range price.”
Technical specifications
Pricing and availability
The Scansonic HD MK-5 is available now in a choice of black-piano or white-piano finish, priced at £749 (incl VAT). Price excludes stand.