Stromtank writes: “Audiophiles are always looking for clean, undisturbed grid power to achieve the next level of music quality with their hifi systems.
One of the most important facts to hear the excellent quality of your audio-components is the purity and stability of the grid signal. Daily routine equipment like PCs or microwave influence the grid. Everyone is connected to the same dirty grid polluted with DC voltage, high level and frequencies. All interferences manipulate audio-quality and even the best power conditioners are not able to eliminate the disturbances.

Audiophiles were waiting until deep in the night for a less-disturbed AC-grid to get good sound.

Don’t wait until midnight to get the best sound! The Stromtank is a high-power battery pack with integrated pure-sine wave converter power supply – totally disconnects your audio system from the grid.
With Stromtank S 2500 you can enjoy up to 4 hours listening to music before it connects uninterrupted and automatically with the grid to recharge.
The perfect addition for your audio-setup
During the recharging process you can listen without any interruptions. Even when the Stromtank is connected to the grid, the current pulses are not taken directly from the grid – they are absorbed by the battery. In the AC-connected mode the Stromtank creates a stable AC-supply (amplitude and frequency) and has less interaction between the grid and your audio-/video-setup.
Premium home theatre equipment quality will improve both visually and sonically with the Stromtank.”