New Subbase Audio Vividus Zwo Grounding Box

Subbase Audio Vividus zwo [zwo – stands colloquially for two and – further optimisation] is a completely new concept that is used for several areas of application. 

“With Vividus zwo we obtain electrical potential current in a natural way, without component filters or minerals, free of disharmonious disturbances and noise components. Noise components in the signal stream cause overlays, extinctions and distortions. They prevent the pure purity of the read music signal.
Our intention is to bring every information, no matter how fine, read from the source, into musical experience in its correct temporal context. Is the “image” – sound image – completely created images of artists and their instruments in our mind’s eye. The quality in which this is made possible depends on the interference portion of the signal current. The sound effect is enormous and independent of the respective audio system. 
The calm in the sound image takes on a new level of what was previously possible. The Signal impulse intensifies and the sound image loses all assignment to the system, a completely free performance with a very natural radiance. A possibly existing sweet spot can dissolve to the point of completeness, of course depending on the chassis characteristics. Depending on the quality of the music system, insights into the naturalness of the music are made possible here that are not possible without Vividus.

The Vividus zwo technology intervenes in the potential current and ensures that high- frequency disturbances from the potential field are regulated. A conventional type of filtering always works in a defined bandwidth range, but is never broadband. In addition, the filter always works whether there is much, little or no disturbance at all. As a result, the music often loses more energy and information than without filtering. Vividus zwo harmoniously adjusts the potential currents of the connected electrical devices and ensures that RF interference no longer damages the signal. The music receives its full density of energy and information but above all its resulting naturalness.
Any type of audio component or our device bases – Composant S – can be connected to a Vividus zwo. A Vividus zwo has connections for eight devices or bases. Our absolute recommendation are our vividus-Ultimum connection cables developed in-house. However, the quality of the music is just as important to us as the quality of the entire construction. 
The entire housing is milled from one block of aluminum and measures a wall thickness of 12mm. The housing is completely insulated against electromagnetic fields and reduces the acting fields by >70%. Only pure silver (Refine GmbH) is used to keep the resistances as low as possible. The pole terminals for the connection are also from WBT in pure silver version. The Subbase écho technology is integrated in the Vividus zwo and provides the basis for frequency tuning. Quality for a lifetime!
he design follows the function. The integrated Subbase écho technology already offers the best possible positioning of the Vividus zwo. The solid aluminum housing is shaped in such a way that it represents a classic and timeless shape that matches the massive appearance of the Vividus zwo . Applications made of stainless steel, black nickel, ruthenium and carbon fit harmoniously into the overall picture.” 


  • Width: 150mm
  • Length: 240mm
  • Height: 105mm
  • Weight: 9,5Kg (including packaging)
  • Pole clamps: 4 pieces (for banana and fork)
  • The lengths of the connection cable can be requested individually.