TAD writes: “Technical Audio Devices Laboratories Co., Ltd. (TADL) is committed to uncompromising manufacturing and has introduced the high-end audio “Reference Series” aiming for the highest sound quality and the “Evolution Series” incorporating innovative technology to the market. We have added the floor stand type 2.5way speaker system (814.000 YEN) TAD Evolution Two “TAD-E2-WN”, which uses a newly developed 15.5cm woofer unit and 2.5cm beryllium diaphragm, to the Evolution series lineup.” 

By utilizing the technology cultivated so far and inheriting the point sound source concept, a high-dimensional fusion of sound field and sound image is realized. In addition, we have adopted a wood grain design that harmonizes with the living space.


1) 2.5cm beryllium diaphragm tweeter that vividly reproduces the sound as it is

Equipped with the 2.5 cm beryllium diaphragm tweeter used in the “TAD-E1TX” and “TAD-ME1”. The technology “HSDOM * 1” that analyzes the shape of the diaphragm by computer to find the most suitable shape enables playback up to 60kHz. In addition, by mounting it on a newly developed waveguide that controls directivity, smooth and wide-range sound propagation is achieved over a wide band. By adopting aluminum die-casting for the waveguide and aiming for high rigidity and thoroughly eliminating unnecessary resonance, the sophisticated mid-high range reproduction unique to TAD is realized.

* 1 HSDOM: Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method

2) Newly developed 15.5cm woofer that realizes powerful low range and smooth directivity

A newly developed product in which the aramid is woven cloth cone on the front side and the softwood pulp papermaking cone on the backside are separately molded and laminated in a later process to realize a straightforward mid-low range reproduction without coloration as well as a rich and clear low range. MACC * 2 Uses a 5.5 cm diaphragm. Moreover, by adopting a shallow curved shape and a delta brace structure in which a reinforced brace is added to the cone neck part to obtain a good directivity, both smooth directivity and powerful low-pass reproduction are achieved.

* 2 MACC: Multi-layered Aramid Composite Cone

3) Network filter that achieves both sound image localization and sound field expression

A 2.5-way filter that enables ideal phase rotation of the bottom woofer and upper woofer at the crossover frequency of the tweeter and woofer is adopted. The phase interference near the crossover frequency between a double woofer and a tweeter is reduced. In addition, by combining a unit with excellent directivity and a network filter, natural attenuation characteristics and directional radiation patterns in the entire band are realized, and compact sound image localization and precise sound field expression are fused at a high level.

4) “Bi-Directional ADP * 3 system” that reproduces natural and rich low frequencies

Ports are placed at the bottom of the enclosure and the openings are laid out back and forth. By making the inside of the port a horn shape, efficient port drive with reduced port noise becomes possible, and a clear and responsive mid-low range is realized. Moreover, by making the port asymmetrical layout in the front and back, the force which vibrates the enclosure is canceled and the reproduction of a rich and powerful low region is realized.

* 3 ADP: Aero Dynamic Port

5) 10mm thick steel plate that can be installed without shaking

A base plate carved from a 10 mm thick steel plate is installed at the bottom of the enclosure. By sandwiching a resin horn plate between the base plate and the enclosure body, the vibration of the base plate itself is reduced. In addition, by using two spikes in the front and one in the back for the base, a total of three spikes can be used for stable installation regardless of the material of the floor surface. By designing the center of gravity of the main body to be the optimum position for 3-point support, it firmly receives the reaction of a woofer with a strong driving force.

6) “SILENT * 4 enclosure” that reduces unnecessary resonance

By combining a high-rigidity birch plywood brace and a high internal loss MDF material panel, a “SILENT enclosure” that achieves high strength and low resonance is adopted. In addition, by taking around on the top edge of the baffle, the effect of diffraction around the tweeter is reduced. Furthermore, by slanting the baffle, the position of the center of gravity is optimized, and by reducing the distance difference to each unit, the sound field expression of the floor type double woofer system is made more accurate.

* 4 SILENT: Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology

7) Wood grain pattern satin-like paint finish that creates gorgeousness even in a calm atmosphere

The exterior of the enclosure has an open-pore satin finish that makes the most of the grain of the wood. A highly transparent matte coating is applied, and skilled craftsmen carefully take the time to finish everything from adjusting the base material, spraying the paint, polishing the base paint, and matting the topcoat.

Main Specifications

  • Model 2.5way phase reversal floor type
  • Speaker configuration Woofer 15.5 cm Cone type x 2
  • Tweeter 2.5 cm dome shape
  • Reproduction frequency band 30 Hz to 60 kHz
  • Crossover frequency 90 Hz, 2.8 kHz
  • Output sound pressure level 87 dB (2.83 V ・ 1 m)
  • Maximum input 150 W
  • Rated impedance 6 Ω (minimum impedance 4.5 Ω)
  • Unit polarity Low range (+), high range (+)
  • External dimensions (W x H x D) 320 mm x 1,085 mm x 405 mm (without spikes)