New Takatsuki TA-2A3 Tube

The Takatsuki TA-300B was released in 2010, the TA-274B in 2012, and in 2022, after a 10-year absence, the TA-2A3 (the 2A3, another representative triode tube following the 300B) was release as a new lineup. The TA-2A3 ( $1,699 matched pair) was developed so that users of 2A3 tube amplifiers can also enjoy the Takatsuki sound.

The TA-2A3 delivers the ultimate vacuum tube quality that only Takatsuki Electric, the one and only vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, can offer. 
For valve molding, we have developed an in-house molding machine and process valves in-house.  Standardization of processing has realized improved production efficiency by increasing yield. You can see a part of our processing in the video above.