New ThivanLabs SUN 833-X

The SUN 833-X is one of the pinnacle products of ThivanLabs officially launched in March 2022. It is an amplifier that converges many of our quintessential electronic and electrical engineering developments achieved in the past many years of product research and development. 
After the first version introduced in 2018, the SUN-833X is a remarkable improvement in both sound quality and product design with a completely different and creative technical R & D thinking.
During the development, ThivanLabs has always affirmed our position as a true “LABS” brand. According to this definition, our R & D people are always pioneers in research and development of electrical and electronic technology, always looking for new methods, optimized and efficient in sound reproduction. What’s more, we’ve also built a product quality standard and a sound philosophy for ThivanLabs audio equipment based on a diversity of research and extensive live music, acoustic, live recording experience to reproduce music and sound in a standard and emotional way. These are already the top two criteria and goals that define our new generation of audio equipment.