New Totaldac Ethernet Switch

Totaldac writes: “The d1-switch is made to improve the sound of a digital source connected to the network, making the sound more natural for local file reading but also internet streaming.  So you can insert this switch in the system just to improve the source quality, even if you don’t need an ethernet switch.”  

“The Totaldac d1-switch is embedded in the same enclosure as the Totaldac DACs or streamer, for a perfect matching in a Totaldac system.
Three RJ45 sockets have each their functionality:
  • a router input, connected to the router or a local network wall socket
  • a NAS input, connected to a NAS or a server or a roon core, a Totaldac d1-player or example
  • a streamer input, a Totaldac d1-streamer-mk2 for example
A Totaldac ethernet cable/filter can be used for each socket of this switch.
This ethernet switch embeds natively a Totaldac live-power power supply, already proven for DACs, streamers, drivers, and amplifiers.
Pre-orders are open and the first units should be shipped in spring 2022.” 
  • d1-switch price: 4490euros incl VAT in Europe, 4200euros excl VAT out of Europe