New Treble Clef Audio TCA-M Loudspeaker

Treble Clef Audio writes: “Introducing the TCA-M Loudspeaker. A 3-Way Acoustic System in one beautifully sculpted HIFI Loudspeaker. Bringing you closer to musical performances.

Designed by Treble Clef Audio

“Launching in Copenhagen, Treble Clef Audio® is deeply rooted in Danish design traditions of function and form, and the TCA-M Loudspeakers are exquisitely crafted with this in mind. Sound by design consciously sculpt our loudspeakers to optimally support acoustic function at every bend of its slender visual signature. Far from conventional, but close to perfection.

On the 6th June, the TCA-M Loudspeaker will be shown and experienced by a select audience for a private press launch of Treble Clef Audio® at the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, in Copenhagen. Pushing the boundaries of sound experiences whilst highlighting the possibilities of a beautifully elevated space, with the TCA-M Loudspeaker as an integral part of the interior.
“Bass quality is fundamental to music perception: research shows that when evaluating loudspeakers in blinded tests, bass quality accounts for 30.5% of listener preference.”
Sean E. Olive, “A Multiple Regression Model for Predicting LoudspeakerPreference Using Objective Measurements: Part 2 – Development of theModel”, presented at the 117th AES Convention, preprint 6190 (October 2004).
During 3daysofdesign, from the 7 — 9th June, Treble Clef Audio® will make its first public appearance in collaboration with multidisciplinary studio and concept store, Tableau, showcasing the beautiful sculpture & the truly hypnotising sound experience that is The TCA-M Loudspeaker. The Loudspeaker will be on show in the stunning Tableau Showroom on Store Kongensgade 50, for an immersive experience, transforming the space into a unique sound installation. Aimed at instilling a tranquil atmosphere where the hypnotising sound of the TCA-M Loudspeaker will create a meditative haven; this space becomes a retreat from an otherwise busy design festival.”