New Vertere Acoustics Reference Tonearm Gen III


“Officially launching at High End Munich 2022, the Vertere Acoustics (£43,900) Reference Tonearm has been the absolute benchmark and has facilitated the design of all subsequent Vertere reference products since its debut in 2014. After four years in 2018 the Reference Tonearm was further improved with the addition of its unique Transit Clamping system that allowed the optimum setup with its partnering cartridge to remain even after the most exhaustive shipping journeys!” 

“Now another four years on the Reference Tonearm has been improved once again to Generation III. This time the improvements are primarily focused on performance and most importantly, fine tuning and easy setup for almost any pickup phono cartridge.

The new features include

  • Uprated mounting base – with optimised coupling to the Tonearm pillar
  • Mounting base fine azimuth adjustment and alignment – optimising attachment to the arm-board
  • Arm-tube/head-shell azimuth adjustment – with fine Vernier adjustment grid 
  • Simple, almost dynamic, VTA adjustment – with fine Vernier adjustment grid 
  • Tonearm effective mass adjustment – with extensive Vernier reference grid 
  • Optimised applied anti-skate force curve
  • Anti-skate inner groove magnetic corrective/compensatory force
  • Revised horizontal motion bearing design – optimised across the playable surface
  • Enhanced vertical motion bearing – with adjustable azimuth alignment

Pricing and Availability 

Reference Tonearm Gen III will be available in Summer 2022 and will sell for approximately £43,900. The Reference Tonearm Gen III includes 1.65m HB Reference Tonearm Cable. Pricing and availability will be confirmed as soon as possible.”