New Wires 4 Music HYBRID Cable Series.

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary, the Spanish brand Wires 4 Music introduces a new set of cables with copper/silver conductors called HYBRID. 

“Many fans were looking for a cable that combined the virtues of copper with the neutrality and dynamic that silver provides. Since we already started from the previous knowledge after the success obtained with the HORUS and OSIRIS series, we decided to start from that base to design a new product that would complement the previous ones and could satisfy the needs of these fans. A whole year of work and multiple tests have crystallized in the launch of several products that are added to those already existing in the HORUS and OSIRIS ranges”, says Lorenzo Sánchez, founder of Wires 4 Music.
The HORUS HYBRID PC power cable uses 6N purity OCC copper and silver conductors obtained by the most innovative and modern metallurgical techniques, giving a cable with extraordinary rich sound and neutrality. Each conductor used has a section of 5.8 mm2, which guarantees more than correct current flow through it, even in the most demanding amplification conditions.
The HORUS HYBRID IC and OSIRIS HYBRID IC interlinks also use monocrystalline copper and silver conductors obtained by the OCC method with 6N quality. The OSIRIS HYBRID cable incorporates the Z.S.D. technology and the Q-PleX shielding system to guarantee the complete insulation of the conductors in an increasingly radiation-saturated home environment with electromagnetic interferences, with the aim of achieving the perfect restitution of the music.
Finally, the HORUS HYBRID and OSIRIS HYBRID digital cables are introduced, perfect for connecting transport systems with external DACs and extracting the maximum information from the digital source without any signal loss and with truly outstanding nuances.

Prices (VAT included)

  • HORUS HYBRID PC: 695 euros (1.5 m) 
  • HORUS HYBRID IC: 500 euros (1.0 m, RCA version) 
  • HORUS HYBRID IC: 520 euros (1.0 m, XLR version) 
  • HORUS HYBRID Digital: 350 euros (1.0 m, RCA), 395 euros (1.0 m, XLR)
  • OSIRIS HYBRID Digital: 575 euros (1.0 m, RCA), 650 euros (1.0 m, XLR)