New X-quisite VORO MC Cartridge

The latest model in the X-quisite family features a unique ceramic transducer with double-layer iron core. This technology enables distortion-free conversion of the music signal with outstanding dynamic perfor- mance. Due to high output efficiency, the system works perfectly well with all kinds of MC phono stages.

The generator of the VORO model is covered by a skeletonized ceramic sculpture with organic look. Its pattern is common in nature and created by a Voronoi diagram, described by the mathematician Georgy Voronoy. This design ensures optimal resonance behaviour as it combines highest rigidity with minimal sensitivity to airborne noise.

X-quisite VORO

  • Cantilever and coil body: Ceramic/Armco unit, patented design
  • Coil: Pure Copper 4N
  • Diamond shape: FGS
  • Magnet unit: Neodym-Armco
  • Body: Ceramic-aluminium
  • Weight: 10,2g
  • Tracking force: 1,9…2,1g
  • Output voltage: 0,7mV @ 5cm/s 12μm/mN
  • Compliance: 20 – 30‘000Hz max. 0,2%
  • Frequency response: 20 – 30‘000Hz max. 0,2%
  • FIM disortion: 20 – 30‘000Hz max. 0,2%
  • Impedance: 2x 12 Ohms
  • Recommended load: 100 – 200 Ohms