New Yukiseimitsu Audio AP-0 Analog Record Player

Yukiseimitsu Audio writes: “Welcome to the world of pure audio. We pursue the best sound, the one that will move your heart, by building hypothesis, developing theories and confronting physical phenomena in the grooves of records. The world is filled with places to explore and things to be excited about. We aim at creating a turntable that would create a stir in such a world.”

“Can’t we bring together our technologies to create products that enrich people’s hearts and minds?”

We have designed medical equipment and satellite devices that require originality, and have also manufactured aircraft parts and mechanical watch parts that require strict quality standards.

We have brought these technologies together to develop this high-end audio equipment, which will undoubtedly showcase our technological know-how and our commitment to excellence.

The hallmarks of our technology: exceptional playback quality for music lovers and a unique industrial design that appeals to the touch.

We want to create an exceptional moment that allows sound lovers to enjoy their records even more.


Drive thread with symmerical layout

Only the rotational power is transmitted to the platter by suppressing the moment in the tipping direction. Two horizontally connected shafts balance the tension received from the drive thread.

Magnetic bearing structure

A non-contact bearing is used in the rotating section from the platter to the shaft by means of a permanent magnet, which is in contact with only one sphere at the lowest point. Magnetic repulsion maintains a constant spacing around the bearing, enabling quiet, sustained rotational motion without bearing noise.

Control box

Control units and other sources of electromagnetic noise and vibration are converged in a separate housing and separated from the top cabinet and arm base.


The separate control box and floating structure of the tone arm base provide space around the magnetic field. The structure is designed to be open from the front to the back so that the user can feel the mechanism.

Pure straight tone arm

You can add arms of your choice without compromising the integrated a Stainless steel pure straight tone arm with an arm length of 240mm (effective length : 255mm). The arm fulcrum is located on the extension line of the cartridge cantilever, so that the cantilever is not subjected to unnecessary lateral bending force when the stylus tip is pulled by the rotation of the board. This rational concept is gentle to the cantilever and minimizes the effect on the left-right balance.ppearance. Space is provided for a wide range of arm types to be installed.

Floating structure

The main arm base, second arm base, and thread drive pulleys are mounted on the cabinet in a floating structure. Rubber parts are properly positioned to reduce vibration transmission.

Second arm base

You can add arms of your choice without compromising the integrated appearance. Space is provided for a wide range of arm types to be installed.

Independent pitch control

Pitch control is independent for each line number, allowing individual pitch adjustment and storage of pitch settings for each 33, 45, and 78 rpm.

Magnetic brake

This unique mechanism provides moderate resistance to horizontal tilting head. Only steep sound groove information is transmitted to the cantilever, without interfering with the gentle following of the record’s spiral structure.

Double pin points

Compared to the conventional knife-edge type, the point contact minimizes the contact area, achieving both high stability and accuracy. The tip of the needle has a smooth radius shape achieved by our craftsmen’s advanced manufacturing technology.

Shield pillar

The tone arm mechanism is housed inside the pillar to suppress noise. The stainless steel pillar prevents resonance due to the difference in vibration characteristics between the stainless steel pillar and the aluminum cabinet.