New Zingali Acoustics Quantum Array Series

Zingali Acoustics writes: “From the evolution of the Omniray® project comes Kompressor Array®, a technology capable of controlling the emission of the entire sound spectrum, keeping it within a dispersion angle of 90 degrees total.” 

“The main feature of this new technology is to put into phase all the drivers, aligning them into a single horn mouth, allowing the reduction of sound reflection effects when listening to systems in a domestic environment.

The all-new and revolutionary Quantum Array series is Zingali’s first series to benefit from Kompressor Array Technology. All customers who are already listening to Quantum Array speakers have confirmed the extraordinary sensation of having no longer a sound reproduced as the classic loudspeakers do, but of being immersed in a live sound, especially regarding the voice. In addition, their aesthetic appearance is

even more revolutionary. It is a futuristic speaker enjoying great success among interior designers because it can be easily placed in all environments, from modern to classic ones, using various colors and finishes. It is possible to have the wooden parts in satin or lacquered finish in combination with the satin black or satin white cabinet.”