Nick Drake Signed Boxed Edition with exclusive John Peel session 10” vinyl NEW

The Signature Boxed Edition will be a hand finished special numbered edition: hardback and quarter-bound in cloth, with a printed acetate cover. It will have over 380 full-colour pages, and will be accompanied the exclusive 10” vinyl recording of the 1969 John Peel session, as well as a portfolio containing 3 photographs of Nick taken by Julian Lloyd in 1967. Each book will be signed by Gabrielle Drake and Cally Callomon, and the portfolio will include a signed Julian Lloyd certificate. All the contents will be housed in a cloth-covered box. Priced at £150, it will be available by pre-order only.
Released in time to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Nick’s death, Remembered For A While will be compiled and edited by his sister Gabrielle Drake and by Cally Callomon, manager of Nick’s musical Estate; with contributions from Nick’s peers, critics, adherents, family – and, above all, from Nick Drake himself. 

John Murray will be publishing two editions of Remembered For A While: a classic hardback edition and a signature boxed edition which will include an exclusive 10” vinyl of an unreleased recording of five Nick Drake tracks. These tracks will be from a lost 1969 BBC John Peel session which was recorded while Nick was writing his Bryter Layter album. The five tracks are ‘Time Of No Reply’, ‘River Man’, ‘Three Hours’, ‘Bryter Layter’ and ‘Cello Song’. This is the only John Peel session that Nick Drake recorded, and until now the complete session has never been available. It was previously assumed that there were only four songs from the John Peel session but when the tape was discovered, there was one extra track – a version of Bryter Layter. 
Cally Callomon says “Listening to these tracks show Nick at his most intimate and unembellished. It’s as close as you we’ll ever get to being in a room alone with Nick’s songs.” 
The book will be divided into five sections, which will follow the imagery of one of Nick’s best known songs, Fruit Tree:

The Seed: Nick’s early life at home at school and with his family. 

The Flower: Nick’s time in France and Cambridge, and his early forays into composing and performing.
The Fruit: Nick’s four Island Records studio albums, the final one remaining unfinished.
The Harvest: Nick’s posthumous rise to fame and discovery by a new generation 
The Stock: a comprehensive guide to all of Nick’s work. 
The fully illustrated book comes with a selection of photographs from all eras of Nick’s life – some never seen before – with reproductions of documents such as the scrap book Molly Drake kept of her son’s press cuttings, and the original and rejected album covers. 

Gabrielle Drake says: “Nick is evanescent, yet ever present to me: inextricably woven into the fabric of my life, yet rarely appearing in sharp focus – except in his music. Listening to it, I am still overwhelmed by the immediacy of his presence: by melancholy and delight, by amusement (because Nick could be very funny), by bafflement and grief, by love. I think I share these feelings with a growing number of people. Nick’s death has not been an end, but a beginning. And to all who love and know him through his music, he is, perhaps, a brother. Together Cally and I are aiming to produce a book that will not seek to explain Nick, but rather to conjure him up for a brief moment, so that he can, indeed, be Remembered For A While.”

The standard hardback edition will be an essential companion to Nick’s music, priced at £35. It will be a hardback book containing over 380 full-colour pages and will be available from high street and internet retailers.
Priced at £150, it is available from this website only.