ODEON AUDIO Horn Speakers

A mighty circle of ODEON AUDIO horn loudspeaker from Altern am See, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 


ODEON AUDIO is a premium loudspeaker manufacturer located in Haltern am See, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany. As a small and generation-spanning company we see ourselves capturing both traditional strengths of the past and innovative modern designs and concepts. This applies equally to the driver technology and components used as well as to the craftsmanship of the cabinet construction. Our loudspeakers combine proven traditional materials with state-of-the-art


We want to make listening to music an emotional experience that captivates the listener. To achieve this, dynamics, tonality and resolution must be reproduced lifelike by the loudspeakers. The concept of the horn loudspeaker is ideally suited for this because the horn provides mechanical relief to the tweeters and mid-range drivers. This means that the drivers cone motion is reduced while providing the same volume. This allows for the driver to process the signal faster. The result is a higher efficiency design which makes it possible to use low-power amplifiers. A cost saving option for many end users maximizing their return on investment. At the same time horns provide increased dynamics make listening to music a moving, realistic experience.


The most important basis for the quality of our loudspeakers are the specially developed spherical plywood horns with their individual curve. ODEON AUDIO is the first company to serially produce horns made of solid layered birch plywood blocks. In several years of development, we have succeeded in creating a shape that ensures maximum linearity and dynamics to properly reproduce all types of music.
The shape and material of the ODEON AUDIO spherical wave horns prevents exaggerated frequency dips and peaks. Extraneous resonances are also reduced using our horn technology for a clean and tonally balanced reproduction. Odeon’s main designer Alex Gersdorff has developed breakthrough concepts that eliminates prejudices against horn loudspeakers and convince even customers who are skeptical about high-efficiency loudspeakers the benefits of new horn technology.


The loudspeaker cabinets, the horns made of birch plywood and the lacquer surfaces are produced by master craftsmen from our region. This enables us to contribute to the preservation of the excellent local craftsmanship on the one hand and to guarantee short delivery routes and thus the lowest possible CO2 emissions in production on the other hand. This network of experts enables a high flexibility in the surface design of our products.
Our master carpenters have access to one of the largest veneer warehouses in Europe and use only hand-picked veneers. We source only veneers from responsible sources and avoid using protected tropical woods.


In the field of driver engineering, we work closely with both large traditional European companies such as Audax and Scan Speak and with independent manufacturers such as Galm Audio Products. This wide variety of systems allows us to make the ideal choice for each application.


The development and final assembly of each loudspeaker is done by hand in our premises in Haltern am See. All components and materials used are thoroughly tested in many measuring processes and listening sessions and subjected to intensive long-term tests to guarantee the best possible performance. Every driver and component used is hand-selected and measured for equality. Before assembly, the systems are run in for at least 24 hours to ensure that the parameters are correctly adjusted. Every finished loudspeaker is checked, tested, cleaned and packaged by us. So every customer can be sure that his loudspeaker will work at the highest level after delivery and a short break-in period on site.