Okan Soylu’s Horn System

A few photos and info about the Okan Soylu’s horn based system. He has designed and built his house and dedicated listening room. Okan is an interior architect with a continuous interest in room acoustics and he studied both formally at school and continued throughout the career. The house is surrounded by trees and is situated on a cliff by the Mediterranean sea. So very little outside noise, especially in winter. 

The frequency response (the attached response is from listening spot) and 0.4s decay throughout the band which are well within reference margins. It is a 5 way system with passive 6db/oct crossovers with impedance correction; Bass 20hz-120hz – H-frame Open baffle with triple 12″ woofers, Midbass 120hz-500hz – cf110hz tractrix with supravox 285-2000 modified. Mid 500hz-4500hz – cf200 tractrix with 2″ Radian 850pb-be cd, Upper-mid 4500hz-9000hz – JMLC 1400 with 1″ Radian 475pb-be cd and Treble – 9000hz-20000hz – Fostex t500amkII.

Front end;

Kuzma s Miyabi Fuug
phono pre is Channel D Lino C 3.3
Custom made icOn 4 pro silver balanced preamp (david slagle autoformers)
Kuzma 4 point tonearm
Kuzma Stabi M turntable
Transrotor Phono 8.2mc sym reference
Studer a807 reel to reel


Oppo 105D as transport
Bryston BDA-3 dac


Line Magentic 503pa s.e.t. monoblocks. Resistors upgraded with Audio Note tatntalums and coupling caps have been upgraded with Duelund Copper Cast
GR-Research a370PEQ xlr3 servo amplifiers for open baffle servo section


Cardas Clear XLR and RCA interconnects for all the equipment
Mogami XLR interconnects for the Studer


Shunyata Sigma Analog (1), Alpha HC (2), Alpha NR (3), Delta NR (2) power cords
Shunyata Venom EU7 power distributor
Tours AVR30CE isolation transformer
Okan has a dedicated 32amp line from the pole to his room through a silent wire fusebox.