Aleks Bakman from Onedof shares the inspiration for his one of a kind turntable: “The idea of creating the turntable first visited me in 1998, when I was developing the mothership for the space mission to Jupiter. That idea was based on the applied math wark that I had done while in the Georgia Tech graduate school in 1994.”

“That math was first developed by Lord Rayleigh in 1894 (now, that is old news to me). Not Sir Walter Rayleigh, who had made John Lennon so mad, but the Nobel Laureate of 1904 Sir John W. Rayleigh, who had explained why the sky is blue and who had written The Theory of Sound.

I hope that due to my effort the ideas and work of the phonograph inventor Emil Berliner had finally met with the Lord Rayleigh’s math fruitfully.
Twenty years later, I think that the story of the recording and reproduction of the sound is as important as the story of other inventions, made at the same time, at the turn if the previous century: automobile, airplane, radio, jazz music.”