Orythie Guasouh Speakers

Orythie writes: “A turning point of contemporary research in acoustic design, Guasouh possesses surprising characteristics. Two horn loadings erected on an inclined leg, Guasouh is a tireless speaker system that draws out the volumes and diffused majestic and expressive music.”

Description of the casing

Guasouh recalls the abundance of primal forests, with its tropical fruit allure. This system is available in olive green, laquered with a leg in exotic wood. Other finishes are also possible.

Technical characteristics

Guasouh is a two-way speaker system, the bass load is separated from the treble to limit the transmission of parasitic vibrations between the two transducers.
The bass-reflex load with a horn load for the bass speaker allows obtaining a balanced and continuous bass as well as a high admissible power.
waterfall in auditorium

Acoustic characteristics

  • Bandwidth 55 – 23.000 Hertz +/-3 dB
  • Dispersion H x V 140 x 100 degrees
  • Sensitivity 97 dB / Watt at 1 Meter
  • Maximal power 400 Watts RMS
  • Maximal sound level 119 dB at 1 Meter
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
  • Number of ways 3
  • Treble speaker Compression 25 milliMeter
  • Midrange speaker Compression 45 milliMeter
  • Bass Speaker Electrodynamic 300 milliMeter
  • Bass load principle Bass-reflex – Exponential vent
  • Filtration Passive or active
  • Frequencies of filtration 1.200 – 16.000 Hertz
  • Internal cables and connector Silver-coated pure copper
  • Body Material Ceramic or granite
  • Dimensions H x W x D 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.7 meter
  • Weight 95 Kilograms