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I really like what you have done with your site, it is one of the first places I look these days to see "what else is going on". - Alon Wolf Founder, CEO and chief designer - Magico 
In this world where everything goes so fast, there are still people who take the time to do the things with rigour and consciousness. This is the case of Matej, true Ambassador for the audiophile community, which always takes the time to test new equipment, with the passion that is known of him. - HervĂ© DelĂ©traz, Founder and CEO
 - darTZeel Audio
A tremendous amount of information about what is happening within the audio industry gathered into a single website and followed by many, many enthusiasts and professionals. Last but not least, communication with the team from Mono & Stereo is easy and straightforward. Matej can be proud of what he has built! - Florian Cossy, CEO - CH Precision
Matej of Mono and Stereo is one of the few audio reviewers, which do their job with passion and emotions, like he is choosing equipment for his own audio system. - Flemming E. Rasmussen, Founder - Gryphon Audio 

"Mono and Stereo truly has their finger on the pulse. It is refreshing to come across a person such as Matej who, with such honesty and enthusiasm for both music and equipment, has become instrumental for those who like to be informed. Our hearty endorsement to such a fine project!" - Robert Koch, Founder and Owner - Robert Koda Audio

I remember the first time I met Matej because he had the craziest pair of shoes ever. I thought that he could be crazy or brilliant, then I discovered that he is both! I wanted to have a sentence written on the wall of the McIntosh Group Design Lab when I founded it, that says: "Replace fear for the unknown with curiosity." I think curiosity is a fantastic propellant to be significant in this world and Matej is one of the few, in this business, that still have a genuine curiosity for new things. It’s always a pleasure to share with him news and ideas and this is the reason why you will always find fresh and interesting news/reviews on Mono and Stereo pages! - Livio Cucuzza, Chief Design Officer - McIntosh Group
"Matej of Mono and Stereo is a guy we should everybody thank, not only for his great professional attitude, not only because he is among the few reviewers showing, in every single moment you talk with him, such an enthusiasm, such a pure passion that becomes immediately clear how much he truly loves music reproduction. The big “thank you” is because Mono & Stereo is a fresh, young and powerful vehicle to spread all over our beautiful passion and to enrich the audiophile community worldwide." - Paolo Tezzon, Brand Ambassador- Sonus faber
"Matej, Has single handedly done, what Gordon Holt of Stereophile and Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound did in the past, with the printed word, in that of todays cyber domain of digital publishing, with the same passion and power of observation." - Kavi Alexander, President - Water Lily Acoustics 
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Twenty-five+ years of active traveling through the unique world of high-end audio has led me to know many brands, people, and objects of both rejoice and sometimes sorrow. All these experiences have unmistakably shaped my vivid perception about audio, music, high-end industry and manufacturing. It is my goal and passion to listen to, review, and reveal great and carefully engineered high end  audio products. 
Most of our daily readers are audiophiles, audio connoisseurs, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, music lovers, and owners of high-end audio components. These individuals and companies not only recognize and respect real artisans and experts of the audio industry, they're also willing to spend  and invest their respected money for high quality audio products in one way or another. 
There are still people who trust in the knowledge, efforts, and heritage of high end audio manufacturers. High-end audio is becoming more and more personal with a strong connection developing between customers, distributors, dealers and manufacturers. Honest customer service, quality products, and satisfied music lovers are the real keys opening the doors to high-end society’s mutual existence and satisfaction, now and in the future. 
As a devoted fan of music and high-end components, I'm in a constant search for unique audio instruments that speak back to us naturally and cherish the unique world of music. In my audio quest, I'm striving to reveal those products that convey music with the highest impact of its coherent, natural impression regardless of price. 
After years of listening and testing a large number of audio components that have passed through my listening systems and rooms, I dare conclude that only those who profoundly love, respect, and know music by heart strive for the absence of a specific sound imprint and try to balance natural, transparent, and realistic sound in their audio products. 
It's always a joy to find such exemplary products and discover the people behind them. 
At the end of the day, audio/music reproduction goal truly is quite simple. Duke Ellington's famous quote sums it up beautifully: "If it sounds good, it's good!”
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