Mono and Stereo High-end Audio Magazine is a joint effort of the publisher and contributing writers. All the views and opinions expressed in the tests and reviews are purely the writers’ own opinions and should be taken as such. The ideas expressed herein are the opinions of the author (expressed under his First Amendment rights) and therefore their value and truth should be determined by the readers for themselves.

Before reviews are published, all information, details, technical data, quoting, product claims, and other representations that address and involve the unit and brand being reviewed should always be verified with the manufacturer, dealer/distributor which provide the units for review or a specific party involved with the review process, prior to publishing in order to avoid mistakes.

When we agree for a review and loan, we account for the fact that the manufacturer has all the legal rights for everything related with the product and that all products are following international safety protocols and legal rights for the manufacturing and sale of reviewed and news related product announcements.

Mono and Stereo is not a venture that can and will be part of any disputes related to the origin, patent infringement, intellectual property rights, and brand’s trademarks. In good faith, we believe that any high-end audio manufacturer wanting to enter, persist, and succeed in the audio industry will follow the basic rules of the trade.

The publisher holds its ethical and moral right to postpone, remove, or never publish a review, news, or test if it’s evident that the product under review is of no-professional execution or the manufacturer acts in an ethically and morally questionable manner.


Mono and Stereo  is a commercial magazine that accepts advertising and other forms of compensation, but these never influence the content. Everything regarding marketing and advertising activities is strictly in the domain of the publisher.  


If the reviewed product arrives damaged or it start to malfunction at the time of the review, the manufacturer is obliged to replace the unit, repair it, or offer whatever support is needed for the unit to function as it should.


We strongly suggest that any item sent for review has been fully broken in. As is common with new products, there is a specific, prolonged time interval that can drastically affect the sound. If the manufacturer cannot offer such an item, an agreement for a prolonged testing period is preferable for optimal performance.


All manufacturers take care of organizing and paying for shipping both ways as well taking care of all the taxes and all import duties that might occur from the country of origin to the writer’s agreed address of shipping and all that is associated with return shipping.


It's strongly advised that review units are shipped with all the official documentation, manuals, full retail packaging, etc. to ensure proper understanding and trouble-free operation of the product. The package should be the original one and normal production model should be shipped for the evaluation.

Review units must be returned with the same packaging and with all the accessories that came with the package.


The review process is agreed upon prior to the review unit(s) being shipped and usually takes from four to six weeks and with certain products possibly months to complete the evaluation.


All the organizing and dealing between manufacturer and contributing writer are the matter of communication and agreement between writers in place and the manufacturers. The publisher should always be notified about the review/test process and always prior to shipping the goods.

Each writer takes the responsibility to return the review items in agreed time and is held responsible for keeping the review items during the testing period intact and in perfect condition as they were delivered.

The publisher will not assume responsibility for any damages of review equipment being provided to the contributing writer. This responsibility is in the domain of the contributing writers. If any of damages occur, or the the review sample start malfunctioning a proper solution must be communicated between the contributing writer and manufacturer, and the publisher should be instantly notified.

No contributing writer can act in the name of the publisher. It is in the publisher’s best intention to keep a transparent and positive publication narrative and all official communication between the magazine and manufacturers should be conducted with the publisher. 

If you have any further questions, please email the publisher for clarification.