Hi Matej,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy the content on Mono And Stereo. I tend to drop by most days to see the latest news items and articles, all very informative.

I am waiting on tenterhooks for part 2 of the Sonus Faber Electa 3 review, I had a pair here myself for the last three weeks and can't wait to see how your opinion tallies with mine !!

Best wishes


Hello Matej.

Just saw this great video...

Could  you give me please some details about the flywheel Block added to the Micro drive (see: 1:13 and 2:10):

Thanks and best regards



You reviewed both the JPS Labs "Superconductor V" and TRL Wire Labs "American Speaker Cable".  Do you have a strong preference between the two?

I know it's about system synergy so, just to let you know, I have an amp you probably haven't heard of, a Wells Audio "Majestic" integrated amp, and a pair of Usher Mini Dancer II floor standing speakers.

I enjoy your reviews!  Keep up the good work.



Hello Matej,

I'm looking for some amplifiers to you audition that has some serious state of the art powerful, lifelike sound and very articulate and punchy with a little warmth but no bloat. Really well balanced and neutral. What are some of the best Mono Amplifier for that kind of bass that Mono and Stereo has heard? I would guess Vitus but I don't know what else to look for.

Kind regards,


Good day Mr. Isak:

Yesterday I discovered your website while searching for reviews on the Elekit TU 8500. Impressive!

I read with great interest the Elekit TU 8500 review by Mr. Mak. Very well written and helpful. His objectivity and matter of fact approach is refreshing. As a low budget "audiophile" since 1975 I have read hundreds of equipment reviews.

Now I want to purchase the preamp kit! Inquiring through VKmusic about fully assembled option. I could build it myself now that Mr. Mak has described how instructions are written just not sure I want to make the effort unless it is not sold assembled. VK music website makes no mention of this purchase option but I have inquired.

Your beautifully designed website showcases many very fine pieces of audio equipment as they should be. Well done!

I will return for visual enjoyment and reviews.

Please pass along my thanks to Mr. Mak.

Steve Sorlien

Hi Matej

I've just read an article by Stefano Bertoncello about healing sound. You both may find some interest in a book and CDs by Michael S Tyrrell called Wholetones and The Sound of Healing. Just google his name and enjoy.


Hello sir.

I was wondering when we might expect the upcoming review of the Raidho XT-2 that was hinted at recently. I am considering a pair of these for music reproduction, but there is no Raidho dealer nearby for an audition, so curious to read as many reviews as possible. Thank you for the great website.


Hi Matej,

I've read your beautiful review link. I'm a Tube Trafomatic owner and i never read about Audio Hungary. I Know you've tested EOS integrated amp, could you tell me the sound signature differences between Trafomatic and Audio Hungary?

Best Regards,

Dear Mr. Matej,

Hope you are well and thank you for such a fantastic website definitely one of my go to websites for News and especially reviews.


Dear Matej,

I really enjoyed reading your review of the MSB Technology Select 2 DAC on Mono & Stereo! Having been a happy owner of the MSB Technology Diamond DAC V, I’ve just placed my order for the MSB Select 2 DAC. Wondering when you’re publishing part two (2) of the review? Curious to read more of your thoughts about these one-of-a-kind components!

Best Regards,


The interview with Michael Fremer  was fantastic. At a time when I am really spending a lot of time and money on a great sound system to play my records it is refreshing to read some words of wisdom. I especially loved the part about not being resentful to people who can afford better equipment. Thanks again on a great interview.



Thanks to you and Lazslo for all the Munich pictures...that saves you a LOT of typing at a 1000 words per picture.

By any chance did you have a listen to the Rockport Lyra/Absolare pairing.

Since their “release” I’ve heard virtually nothing about the Rockports.

Stay well,

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi Matej

I hope that you are well.  I live down here in NZ and have a pair of Lamm Ref 1.2s which I love.  That said I'm always keen to read of other people's experiences re these.  I heard a while ago that you are reviewing them. How goes the review?  No pressure - just very keen to hear what you 'heard':)

Have a great day.

Kind regards

Dear Matej,

well - just wanted to say hello and sending many regards and congratulations to those 10 years on the market. You constantly make my day better with your texts.

Keep going ;)

Best wishes,


Hi Matej

Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to your review of the Soundkaos Liberation. I have the second pair made - now being played with a full Bakoon setup (amp-51R and dac-21).

Best regards from Stockholm


Hello Matej,

First of all, congratulations for your impressive review of the Ubiq Model One and the new Duelund and Special Edition. I´m the happy owner of a pair of Ubiq Audio Model One that are moved by a Hegel H300 amplifier.

I would like to improve the sound and I am thinking in three possible integrated amplifiers that match my pocket: Pass Labs Int-30A, Pass Labs Int 60 or Accustic Arts Power I. The most important thing I want to get is the better, deeper and three dimensional sound at a low listening level.

Which one of them do you think will match my Model Ones better?

An advice about another integrated amplifier is also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Angel T.

Dear Matej,

I'm about to audition the Crayon CFA-1.2 amplifier, however I won't be able to directly compare it with CIA-1. As you are the only person I know of, who has hands on experience with both amps, may I bother you with a few questions? I hope you don't mind...

First, do I understand correctly, that the CIA-1 is basically a simplified version of the CFA-1.2? That is, they are sonically equal, the CIA-1 only lacks a couple of features and display?

Second, input sensitivity and individual loudness settings theoretically make sense. According to your experience, are these features well implemented and useful in daily use? (Of course, tone controls also make sense, but honestly, they are bypassed 99,9% of time on my current amp...)

Third, in case of the CIA-1 do you think, that the phono card is worth the investment or individual units my be worth seeking out in its price range (600-800 Euros)?

Again, I hope my letter is not bothering you.

Kind regards,

Dear Matej!

First of all thank you very much for your Vibex review! Unfortunately only a very few review can be found about this brand on the internet. Can I have a few questions for you about the Vibex?

Waiting for your reply!


Hello Matej,

I have just finished reading Richard Mak's superb review of the CH Precision P1/X1 phono stage and its various configurations. It is as thorough a review of audio gear that I have ever read and I have read a lot of them. No doubt it took quite a while to do such a review given all of the configurations of the CH P1/X1 phono stage that Richard tested.

I also am an owner of the single box CH P1 with a dedicated X1 for it. I also own the CH L1 - full dual mono setup - 2 CH L1's and 2 CH X1's. I was hoping to see if it would be possible to ask Richard some further questions about the full 4 box version of the CH P1/X1 setup as I am very intrigued by what he wrote relative to this sound compared to the single P1/X1 setup that I currently have.

Thanks very much, Arnie

Hello Matej,

Do you know if Franco Serblin company will release any new speaker between the Accordo and Ktema?

I heard the Accordo and really liked it. I have a pair of Guarneri Memento and can't help but think the Accordo may be a side step instead of an upgrade. The Ktema is too large and expensive for my room.


First....I love your site.

Can you please tell me the manufacturer of the tubes amps in image 24 Guangzhou Audio Show Part 2?  One of the amps appears to be marked Everest.


Dear Matej,

do you know who is going to do the review for the Accession please? I have got one in my system and I am very happy with it, I have about 20 High End Moving Magnet and Moving Iron cartridges, and I am going through all of them, they sound better than I was used to hearing from my other phono preamps

Would love to know what you guys think of this cute little phono stage  !

All the best and many thanks

Hello Matej.

I really like your writing. MonoStereo is modern and competent. I would like to ask you for help in choosing the cabling system consisting of loudspeakers Sonus Faber Auditor M cd Audionet Art G3 and amplifier, Gryphon Atilla, the test that you wrote resulted in my purchase. The current wiring is Audioquest earth XLR and speaker Van den Hul revelation. Listening room is about 14 m2. In current configuration, there is too much bass and trebles are like dim slowed. In Poland, where I come from Atilla is undervalued, and no one can really help you in which direction to look for cabling.

Rafal, Poland

Hi Matej,

I follow your audio adventures through RSS daily and was surprised to see my website being linked by yours! Which, by the way, resulted in a whopping amount of visitors yesterday..
Just wanted to thank you for that..


Dear Matej!

I love your site, check it out every day! What about amps, are your favorite Analog Domain Isis?

I will build up a new system, speaker I consider are Kaiser Chiara, would Isis and new dac from analog Domain be a good choice?

I understand there are better products out there, but I don’t want to spend 100000 euro on electronics.

Can you help me here?

Best regards
Anders J


interesting to read about the Yamamoto amp. Looks very stylish! Are you going to write a formal review? I am thinking whether it might be a good match with my Rethm Saadhana speakers.

Kind regards

Christian Schlögell


I’m interesting about the GRUENSCH Phono stage. My problem is that it seems that only a few people knows GRUENSCH... The phono stage is expensive. 20K euro. Do you know if its a good company? Are their products sound good? higher class? You know ,i can buy the Pass xp25 or the Allnic H-3000 with less money.. But i want something special and better. What is your opinion?

Thank you.

Greetings from Texas,

Just wanted to let you know I am looking forward to your review of the GEM Dandy Polytable. You may also be interested in looking into the Consonance Wax Engine. The word is that this $1K turntable sounds like five times that much.

Thank you for your work here.

Aloha Matej,

Wanted to thank you for publishing the Kurt Lassen article and review on my work this morning (6am in Hawaii) linkAs I told Kurt I am glad to get introduced to your online magazine and look forward to researching other topics there and sharing it with audiophile and other music friends.

Thanks again for your great work and service provided to all listeners.


Hello Matej,

I've just read about Carlitos Guzman being a contributing writer at Mono and Stereo. Good news and look forward to reading his articles and contributions. Would you mention www.tapeheads.net to him? We may or may not be on his radar.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Mr. Matej Isak,

My sincere congratulations concerning your impeccable (esthetically and technically) web journal and exact and very literate reviews.

God help you in your life and work!

Kind regards,
Moscow, Russian Federation.

Dear Sir,

Thank you first for the cheerfully rewarding browsing experience you offer us daily.

Warm regards

Good morning, I just read your short article this morning.  I am taken with the art featured at the top.  Can you share the artist's name?  When I blew it up on screen there is a wall card adjacent to the painting but I can't make out the name.

I share your sentiments of listening at lower levels.  The older I get, the more I want  to protect my precious sense of hearing.  I agree that contemporary equipment allows significantly more enjoyment without continually turning up the gain.

Thanks for your beautiful website and the constant parade of interesting material you share.

Best wishes,

Dear Sir,

“I have been an avid reader of your site for some time. I thoroughly enjoy it and it is my go to place for up to-date high end Audio news, I particularly love the photographs you supply with each story.

I am writing to you about the MSB Select DAC II, I have one, I use it for Headphone use only and have built a ultra high end system around it. I have my Select configured with two of the power supplies, Femto 33 clock and both Balanced and Single ended outputs. It was not an easy decision to spend a lot extra for the dual power supplies so I had on loan the local distributors Select DAC II with a single power supply and the same Femto 33 clock. I was lucky enough to be able to directly compare my DAC with the dual power supplies with the same spec with a single power supply.”

Complete letter is published here.


Dear Matej, and Friends at Mono&Stereo,

Following the brave and honest review of Ahmet Kip on the Munich Highend 2016 demo tendencies, the TaraLabs Muse Interface Enhancement System could be THE item to be used by most exhibitors for 2017 edition. Just imagine..

Of more importance is that MDT.co.uk. the trusted Classical CD outlet, has a superb price offer going on many ECM CD's, just ordered 41 titles.
Check it out.

Buy More Music.

Kind regards; 
Rudolf Ploeger

Dear Matej;

I am interested in knowing if you will be reviewing the Audiovector SR 6 Avantage Arrete anytime in the near future. These speakers are fabricated in Denmark and I am having a hard time  obtaining reviews that are prepared in a language other than Danish, Swedish or German. Preferably English. I look forward to your response. I have read many of the reviews you have prepared in the past and find them to be first class. It's comforting to find a reviewer that tells it like it is without succumbing to outside influences.


Hello Sir, love your website and reviews of the fine audio equipment shown.

Have you reviewed any Dalby Audio Design products?  What are the prices of their equipment, specs? Not much info on Dalbys' website.

Thank you.
Derrick N.

Hi Matej,

firstly I want to congratulate you on your fine magazine, which both my college and I are enjoying very much.

Best regards,
Kenneth MJ


I’ve got an Ole Nielsen DAC 20 and a pair of Ino Audio speakers, and I am looking for an integrated amp to put between the two in a (hopefully) simple but worthy second system.

I’ve been looking at the usual suspects… Electrocompaniet, Bryston, Ayre, etc. But your article on the Crayon CIA 1 caught my attention. I also noticed it is Class D? Is that correct? Has Class D caught up to Class A/AB? Would this be a worthy choice or am I better suited sticking to the traditional?


Matej Hi,

I hope you are well, don't exhaust yourself completely with so much travelling.

I just thought you might be interested in Mivera Audio's new 'Super Stream'.

Essentially it is an all out attempt ,the designer who is quote outspoken doesn't believe in wireless he uses optical to connect to a router 'switch' everything is pre configured ,in my case Roon is already loaded so it is literally just plug and play.
It is very nicely built the case is small and elegant , as to sound quality it did sound great last evening.

Anyhoo take care of yourself .

Very Best,

I've been using an Accuphase C-250 preamp since the 1990s.  Its the most reliable piece of equipment I've ever owned.


Dear Matej Isak,

Will you make a review of this integrated amplifier (BFA Tulip)?

I’m interested to know more about this product, because very good Hybrid amplifiers are rares …

Best regards.

Hi Matej,

I consider Mono & Stereo the Robb report of audio...

John Voss

Dear Matej,

I just wanted to send you a quick email with a big thumbs up on your Munich show report (the rant!)

From my observations of the show; I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. So many audio products on show for incredibly high prices which don’t even have decent audio performance. It makes our industry a bit of a laughing stock.

Kind Regards,

Hello Matej,

In his post Ron said, " I have always been curious to hear German Physiks loudspeakers, with their unique bending wave driver in a conical shape, and in the Merrill Audio room I had my chance.“   Just to fill you in, so to speak, our DDD driver actually uses three modes of operation:

Bending wave 
Modal radiation

Getting these three modes to merge perfectly is down to the talents of the designer, Peter Dicks and it took about 8 years of building prototypes and using these to refine a computer model.

This is how we can cover such a wide frequency range from one driver.  The DDD driver is operated flat from 24kHz down to about 200Hz.  The low frequency fall-off point varies with the model it is used in.  The wide operating range means that there is no crossover point discontinuity in the mid-range which conventional designs suffer from.  Even our friends at MBL have a crossover point - if I remember correctly - at about 3.5kHz

If you would like to know more about the DDD driver, or suffer from insomnia please visit: link.

All the best,

Robert - German Physiks.

I love your site, definitely one of the best for high end audio. Funny that the one post that I don't agree with has nothing to do with audio equipment. The post that SRV is underrated and unsung? Anybody with any knowledge of music would consider him if not the best guitarist whether it be rock or blues, one of the best. Like Mozart, Beethoven etc., he had a "gift from God".

Keep up the good work.



Could not agree more on your assessment of Alice Cooper's "School's Out"

If you do not know Alice Cooper's early catalogue and just think of the schlock then you are missing out on a fantastic ensemble and musicianship.

"My Stars, Blue Turk and Grand Finale" are great pieces of music, Dennis Dunaway's Fender Jazz bass playing to notch, also the Leonard Bernstein influence and most importantly producer Bob Ezrin was like George Martin in that he was the invisible member of the band.

However, you should also hear:

"Love It To Death" - "Is It My Body?"
"Killer" - "Halo Of Flies" and "Desperado"
"Billion Dollar Babies" - "Generation Landslide"
"Muscle Of Love" - "Never Been Sold Before" and "Big Apple Dreamin'" "Man With The Golden Gun" should have been a Bond theme song, but Lulu got the gig...
"Welcome To My Nightmare" more hit or miss than the previous albums


Just a message to Kurt Lassen...
Thanks for the review! I enjoy my explorer² Dac and MQA!

It DOES work with Pure Music... Check no upsampling in operation in Pure Music settings, and 24 bit output from source, should be perfect. If problems email me!!!

Bruce Low

Dear Matej,

I have a strange question. I have the opportunity to acquire a pair of Eggleston works ivy signature. I am now playing with sonus faber AIDA, amps are the TAD M600 mono amps with C600 pre amp. I am looking for someone who is willing to share his knowledge. I would like to know the sound character of the Ivy. Problem is that i can not have a listen to the Ivy ;-)

Hope you can and are willing to help.

By the way, i love your platform! Great articles, great pictures. Alway’s check on a daily basis. Keep up the good work :-)

Kind regards,

Hello Matej,

Enjoyed reading your review of Audio Alto AA 5 K speaker. Since they appear similar in price and design how would you compare them with the Ubiq Model which you have as a reference.

Hi again,

Just saw your report about the Lisbon Audio Show. Awesome! I wish I could be there...

Last Audio Show I attended was here in Guangzhou some months ago. Lots of Chinese amazing products. I don't know if you are familiar with the Chinese audio gear, but they are getting better and better.

Congratulations once again.
Enjoy your music!


Hi Matej,

My name is Richard and and I am an HiFi enthusiast. I can not call myself and audiophile and anything like that, as I can not afford most of the gears you’re writing about. I just like good quality and good music.

One of my high end dealers mentioned your site few weeks back and I just love reading on it. I was just wondering if would be possible to subscribe so I receive an email every time you post something new? I have checked your web but I could not find subscription option anywhere.

Thank you for your time

Kind Regards,

PS: Sorry for my English grammar, I am just a Slovak guy happen to live in England :)


My name is Miguel and I'm a Portuguese guy living in China. I follow your website daily (Mono & Stereo) and I just noticed that you went to Lisbon to attend the Audio Show.

It would be great to see a nice report with plenty of pictures from the show.  Anyway, congratulations for your great audio news! Keep up the good job!


Hi Matej,  you are busy on the road I can imagine, some times information goes too fast.

On the latest Mono Stereo, you write that t he Voxativ AC-XH hybrid Fieldcoil has a record of 24000 gaus  = 2,4 tesla regarding this I can tell you that some of the drivers I am using THE PM65H has 24500 tesla and the magnet has been used in the famous PM4 since the beginning of the sixties, So this driver has the record, this record is the work of Voight and Donald Chave, the Chave was Lowthers man.

NB; just hint that my turntable the SATI transference has better pitch control than the Kronos turntable.

Best regards and thanks for your work.

Hello Matej,

First I must express my admiration for your work on Mono and Stereo since I think it,s right now the best webpage dedicated to high end audio. So keep your hard work and don’t change your straight approach to writing (you are happily far away from S. Ebaen kind of writing..)

I have read your last reviews on usb cables and I would like to know which usb cable you prefer the curious or the Tellurium Q Ultra Silver USB if price was the same? I must say that I prefer products that don’t reproduce what is in the recording but in the performance. It,s no clear which you like more since you didnt give any award to curious...

I Know you are using La Potenza and SIN power distributors. I am using La Potenza as well and I would like your opinion on how it compares with the SIN.

Thanks in advance and regards from Barcelona,


Hello Matej,

After reading your latest rant, some thoughts. I agree that there should be a synergy between cost, performance and beauty. One recent successful example of this would be the Brooklyn DAC headphone amp preamplifier . At an MSRP of 1,995.00  You get beauty, brains and brawn. One can only speculate at the seeming lack of talented/gifted industrial designers in he audio industry. The paradox is  not only that sometimes less is more but also that sometimes more is less. Striking and achieving the balance that leads to visual and audio nirvana can be an elusive goal.

Thankfully there are still those striving to achieve such a vaunted goal. Patience and dedication are necessary, but without artistic inspiration the results spiral downward like the flush of a toilet. ANY product costing thousands of dollars should appeal to all our senses and give us a synergistic whole greater than just the sum of its parts. Cheers.

Ostap Nakoneczny

Hi Matej,

I have read your review and have a question about amplification:

SF in the past have been on the warm/dark side and I was wondering if tube amps would be too much of a good thing? I have Genesis M60 tube mono blocks (KT-88). I was also looking at a Coda 15.0 (class a to 100W)

Your comments would be appreciated,


Hello Matej,

I hope you are well. I wanted to comment on the recent remarks made by André Thériault in your magazine. He is credited with saying

Kronos : It is in our opinion the best sounding tonearm available today. This level of performance stems from the fact that this tonearm was designed taking in consideration fundamental physics issues that had been previously neglected.

I have no comment on his opinion of its sound. As designers we should be proud of our work and believe we are offering customers the best we can make for the price.

But when he says it is a FACT "that this tonearm was designed taking in consideration fundamental physics issues that had been previously neglected.", he is either new to this business or hoping his audience is.

The bearing in my first arm design in 1991 (RPM arm) has the pivot point at the same plane as the stylus. The benefits were discussed and reviewed back then. This is remained true in all my designs including the current Spiral Groove Centroid arm.

Also, I have a patent on the Centroid counterweight which actually wraps around the pivot point and provides the closest relationship between the bearing and counterweight possible.

Finally, while the advantages of these features are considerable, they do not negate the need for antiskate. Skating force is a result of arm geometry that is unrelated to these features.

So, I am in agreement with his approach but his claim that "these fundamental physics issues have been previously neglected" is simply not true.

Thank you and best regards,

Allen Perkins,
Spiral groove


I very much appreciate your efforts making Mono Stereo so enjoyable to visit every day. I live in Japan and am interested in knowing the name of the high-end dealer whose listening room images you recently posted. I wonder what city the dealer is located in. If you have any information I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks and best regards,
Sorab, Japan.

Hello Matej,

at first congratulation to your fantastic blog. Here i got the news i need. Now i saw the new cork/rubber mat. This is very interesting for me to distribute it in Germany. Can you give me the contact. This will be grateful. Thank you.

Mit besten Grüßen
Norbert Leder

Hello Matej,

I am writing from the US.  I saw you pictures and wondered if you could tell me the names of the red colored speakers and the tube amp, I love you magazine.

Thank you,

Dear Matej,

I would like to say thank you for your wonderfully informative and excellent website. Many of my audiophile friends and I really enjoy reading all of the information and reviews you share, and you offer a great alternative & perspective to many of the other (and less trustworthy) audio review publications.

Kindest regards from Toronto, Canada,


Hello Matej,

I am writing from the US.  I saw you pictures and wondered if you could tell me the names of the red colored speakers and the tube amp, I love you magazine.

Thank you,

Hello Matej.

I saw the review of the Kronos table and Mr Han talked about the Clearaudio Statement and Transrotor Artus FMD compared to the Kronos.

Does Mr Han prefer himself the Statement over the Transotor Artus FMD since he has that table? What is the major differences in sound between the Clearaudio Statement and Transrotor Artus FMD? is their a review on Mono and Stereo of the Transrotor turntable?

Kind regards,

Greetings Matej

A while back you mentioned an upcoming review of the Daniel Hertz speakers and integrated amp. Is that still in the works or have you removed it because of sound issues.

Dan Holuk

Dear Matej,

FYI: There’s a problem that has been ignored by the entire music industry which I believe is really important to music-lovers that I think you might want to investigate. Thank you for your interest. Approximately 32 years ago when digital media was introduced to the music consuming public as a media with “Perfect Sound Forever” the music industry made a huge screw up when it got the playback polarity of digital music on CDs and later DVD, etc reversed (inverted polarity). On a random basis that means that digital media and files are heard in the wrong polarity approximately 85% of the time and either 92% wrong or correct once their audio and video systems are set to a fixed playback polarity.

The bottom line is that the music played in inverted polarity sounds harsh and two dimensional which is probable the major reason that some music-lovers still believe (without knowing the real reason) that analog music media (that plays in the correct polarity over 99.9999 +% of the time and would also sound bad if played in inverted polarity) sounds better than digital media, when in fact it doesn’t sound as good. That often causes music-lovers to spend untold sums of money and time trying to smooth out the edgy and somewhat irritating and flat sound of digital media. This should be an object lesson on how an entire industry with its experts and electrical engineers can get it wrong and not do anything about if for over 32 years and counting!

But there’s some good news here because in many cases, all one has to do is reverse the connections of all their speakers wires at one end only to correct the mistake that’s free for the doing. For more on how do that, see the homepage of my website: http://www.AudioGeorge.com and scroll down to just below the credit cards I accept. Many in the music industry agree with me. I’m know in the industry as The Perfect Polarity Pundit Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police and come companies send me their digital media/components to check its polarity, and do that pro bono for the sake of the music.

I've written two monographs that go into great detail about the problem at: http://www.ThePolarityList.com, http://www.AbsolutePolarity.com, and http://www.PolarityGeorge.com.

Respectfully submitted,

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO
Digital Systems & Solutions
President San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)
Website: www.AudoGeorge.com

Hi Matej

Love the site, just wish there was a search facility at the top of the page instead of a google search option right at the bottom. Just make things a bit easier.

Kind regards,

Hello Matej,

I enjoy your e-magazine very much. you do a great service to High End Audio. Bravo!

I just noticed the information on the Apolyt turntable on your website and thought you should know about previous issues with the people who manufacture that turntable. people I know have had issues with delivery of product and refunds of money paid. and as you are promoting the product it seems like you should know about it.

I was not personally involved with these events and so make no specific claims. but here is a link to information that might be helpful to you. Link here

I'm sure you would not want to promote a product that could be a source of conflict for a buyer.

best regards,

Mike Lavigne

Great review of the Ubiq. I noticed you mentioned the Aries Cerat Symphonia speaker in the article. With the disparity in price size and design is there any similarity between these two loudspeakers. Are the Symphonia speakers as good as they appear to be 80k good?

Ted Landman

Hello Mr. Isak,

Just wondering if you have tried the 300i with the Model Ones?

I am just about to place an order for the Uniq’s and have for a long time had a soft spot for the 300i, just not sure it will be powerful enough for the relatively low sensitivity
of the speakers.

BTW great and informative website, thanks!

Peter A. Hansen

Very interesting video of TechDAC

Do you know what album Hideaki Nishikawa played in the opening, and was that the music we heard in the video?

Thank you.
Bob Downey

Dear Matej

Love your passion for audio and rigour in your reviews. Consequently I reach out to you. I wonder if you know the Canadian tube amp design and manufacturer Finale, www.finaleaudio.com?

I recently purchased and upgraded their 829 Special stereo tube amp. This tube, the 829B is a unique design, described by Finale as..."Based on a twin-beam - 829B, double-tetrode design, it will crank 18 single-ended watts per channel from two matched power tubes in a single power envelope. In short - there is two tubes packed in one bottle."

If you know them, I'd love to hear your impressions. If you don't know them, maybe you would like to do so.

Dr. John Read
An Australian
In Saudi Arabia

Thank you Matej :) ... It's always a huge reward when passion and commitment are so well recognized.

Paolo Arturo Bandini Tezzon
Sonus faber R & D Manager

Dear Matej, sorry for disturb You, probably You can help me... Could You tell me, what is the best stereo digital power amp on the market at present time? Thank You for Your opinion.

Kind regards from Slovakia.

Hi Matej,

Enjoyed your review of the Lamm phono stage. In the sixties and seventies I studied sitar with Nikhil Banerjee. I spent one three month period at Weslyan Connecticut studying with Ziamuddin Dagar. So I can safely say I know what a Rudra Vina is supposed to sound like. Where can one find this recording?

Many thanks,

Joe Cohen

Hello Matej,

And greetings from Australia.

Someone mentioned you like to review "interesting" products - and I think my new usb cable may qualify.

I used to be involved in the connector business (manufacturing the Eichmann Bullet Plug under license) - but for the past 12 months have been on a quest to develop a better sounding usb cable.  One that delivers a truly 3 dimensional, analog-like sound stage that digital files are capable of.

The result is the Curious usb: www.curiouscables.com

If you'd like to listen to the Curious, I'd be delighted to send you a sample.

Thanks for your consideration - and thanks also for a very good online magazine.

Rob Woodland

Hi Matej,

Did you have a chance to play with the Accuphase DG-58? I'm considering it as I will not have the option to put up multiple acoustic panels in my 12' by 10.5' room.


Congratulations on getting your new rack. I’ve had my rack now for 2 years - not as great as yours, but a respectable SGR audio rack from here in Australia.

After a few months of being in bliss and thinking that a lot of problems have been solved, I started to experiment with further isolation. I found that even though my rack was well regarded adding the Vega Gyrotension Isolator ( for example)  made another easily audible improvement.

This is not meant as a recommendation, just a hint that the fun off isolating your equipment isn’t easy to finish. I don’t believe that there will ever be the ultimate single product in this field... probably!

Best wishes, and thanks for all your work

Ian Lobb

Hello Mr. Isak,

I am a loyal reader of your site and I would like to congratulate you for your excellent work on it. Your few-words, no nonsense and to-the-point style and of course the beautiful photos, are what make the site unique!

I was reading the yesterday's article about the new B&W D3 speakers where you wrote that the Classe electronics didn't make justice to the speakers.

I just sold my Burson / Joseph Audio Pulsar system and I am considering buying the lovely 802 D3, so I would like to ask you if you can suggest me an amp, dac and network player combination to pair with them that in your opinion is better than the Classe setup. I can spend about 25000 euros/dollars.

I am also considering the more budget friendly and maybe better fit for my room, 803 D3, the Focal Supra No2 and Wilson Sabrina. Can I also have your favorite pick among the three?

Thank you for your time and sorry for my annoying email, but I really value your opinion.


Dear Matej,

I writing to you because Wojciech Pacula told me that you will be happy to help because you know two devices.

I am considering to buy Timekeeper or Clones. Unfortunately I can't test clones. Timekeeper is very good for my setup I have Harbeth M 30.1 speakers Oyaide Tunami full cable loom Fostex HP A8 DAC and Musica Ibuki amplifier (small TDA amp from Japan). I think Ibuki is too weak for Harberths is beautiful sounding amp but I need more power. Timekeeper is powerful but sometimes i think he is too simple sounding. Wojciech told me that Clones 55 PM Monos can be answer for me. They have similar construction to Ibuki and they are more sofisticated than Timekeeper...

What do you think witch is better?

Warmest regards,
Big Fan!

The text of Ozren Bilan could summarize in one sentence: Buy more records.

Yours in Music, R.R.Ploeger

Hi Matej,

What a delight to see the photos of the “ultimate listening room” and note that it is in a small village in Bavaria. Indeed, it is this type of commitment to the arts that continues to wow me about much of Europe. Any chance you can provide an address and possibly contact information for the space. When my wife and I visit Germany (and hopefully Slovenia again, too) next summer, I would take great pleasure in visiting this place. Thank you for considering this request at your convenience.

Warm greetings from Arizona, USA,

You do such a thorough job promoting high end audio and your publication. Congratulations on a job well done. You really work harder than most to get your reviews and your website seen. It should pay off long term.

I'm not involved in the sales and marketing side these days, but hope to meet at a show one of these days..

Jim S.

Just read your article on the LessLoss Firewall Module. Entertaining writing! I especially enjoyed the description of boutique audio companies such as mine. Thanks for your work and I look forward to sending our product to you for review some day.

‎Luke Zitterkopf

Hi Matej,

I've just read your review about the Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento which I find quite interesting. As you mentioned that a proper choice of amp is important to drive the speakers to their full potential, could you please recommend some amp? I am  considering to buy these speakers.

Thanks a lot. Duong

Hi Matej

I really like your new lay out for reviews. Also the use of the word "pucca"! ☺ Recently sold my Mytek DAC. Want to try out the new gen R2R/Nos ones - Metrum Musette, Schiit Multibit etc. Please see if you can get one of those for a review!



Hello Matej,

A lot of what appears on your site is beautiful and expensive. I realize that you focus mainly on the equipment. What about the room? After talking to many people in the industry with hands on experience, the room is a factor that is too often ignored. If one spends 10K (or more - easily done in todays'  market), does spending  5K on a properly designed and built room elevate the sound equal to or better than an upgrade of 5K in any part of the system? Does a very good system in a untreated room sound better than a good system in a treated room? From what I have been learning the answer is a resounding NO. Due to my financial status I have purchased a pair of Dunlavy Alethas that I plan on upgrading internally. But I plan on building ( thanks to a very understanding partner) a dedicated sound room with proper treatments. The room will cost roughly twice that of the Alethas -about 4-5K. But I feel that this will give me far greater benefits than putting a 7K set of speakers in a regular untreated room. The rise of DSP to correct room anomalies would seem to validate this. But my room solutions/treatments will be analog in nature - decoupling, diffraction, dispersion and absorption. There is enough information available that I will be able to do it on my own. My hope is that you will be focusing in future articles on this other major factor in influencing the way that audio equipment sounds. Does a properly treated listening environment provide us with a clearer picture of the influence of a piece of audio equipment on the sound we hear ( and feel )? The Alethas sound good now and I cannot wait to hear them in my new room. Keep listening with your head and your heart (and not with your wallet!).

Ostap Nakoneczny

You do such a thorough job promoting high end audio and your publication. Congratulations on a job well done.


Hello Matej,

I came across your suggested list of recordings to listen to thanks to an interview you gave in Poland to the webine High Fidelityand I was very glad to see that 2 of my favorite albums were amongst your list:

Train’s A Love Supreme

George’s Living in the Material World

Good to see a stereo reviewer with such good taste. May I make a suggestion as you are a reputable journalist: try to get an interview with Klaus Voorman, the man who wandered into Hamburg’s Reeperbahn in the St Pauli district where he heard music coming from inside the Kaiserkeller club and decided to investigate. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, featuring Ringo Starr, were on stage; the next act to play were The Beatles, and Voormann decided to stay and watch.

He lives south of Munich.
Keep up the good work and hope to cross your path one day at a show.

A new follower from Paris,

Antoine Furbur

Hello Matej,

I have been following Mono & Stereo for some time now and always found it a very interesting and informative resource. Recently, I read several articles you wrote on your experience with Aries Cerat, which is a quite intriguing brand. As I am looking for a new (final) phono preamp, I am particularly interested in the Talos phono preamp on which you wrote a quite positive preview already in 2011. My thought is to maybe add the Diana later for an excellent 3-box analogue-only system. It seems the Talos preview was never followed by a full review, however. May I ask you be writing more about this or other Aries Cerat gear in due course?

Best regards
Christian Schlögell

Hello Matej,

Can I have your recommendation for few valve amplifiers suitable for the latest Tannoy Turnberry Limited Edition speakers.


I hope you leave the Yuma Wang / Ravel link at the top of your page forever. It shows one aspect of music perfectly.



first of all i want to say thank you for your awesome website. my favourite by a big margin, bravo!!! i wanted to ask your opinion about interconnects and speaker cables. i have a pretty straightforward set up: 1704 norma DAC straight into -> a 1.25 watt SET 46 tube amp into -> full range lowther speakers.

what speakers cables & interconnects would you recommend for such a system? i am currently using a high fidelity ct-1 interconnect, but i wonder would something work better? thanks.


p.s.- i recently had a chance to a Devialet system, and i have to say that i found your review to be the one that matched my experience. Where are all of these over the top reviews coming from?

Hi Matej,

Just wondering when the review for this DAC is going to drop please?

I’m very interested in your opinion as I bought one of the first production models of the DAC and love it, I think it has a really full bodied approach to it’s presentation, without getting over excited about anything. I found that using tube dampers on the valves and cleaning up the power supplied via usb helped with the sound.


Hi Matej,

Nice piece on the blank tape and as you state cassette is not dead.

However, the Maxell Metal Vertex, TDK MA-R/MA-XG and That’s Suono are also the equal of the Sony. Stefano Bertoncello might be interested in joining us at www.tapeheads.net



Wanted to check with you when you will be publishing the review of Chameleon series. I'm planning to buy one but would like to know expert opinion before going ahead worth it. Want to know if they are better than Focal chorus series or not. 

Let me know your thoughts. 


Hello, I’ve enjoyed your website and especially the articles on Robert Koda and his preamps.   I bought a K10 about 2 years ago, partially off your review.  Once I heard a demo K10 in my system, I promptly ordered one.

Now I am curious about his amps.   When do you plan to review the K70?  I also hear he may have 2 new amps out this year…mono blocks and possibly a stereo amp…

Thanks, John

I am writing to request for advise.

I am in the market for a new tt and am very much interested and impressed by the Techdas. I m specifically looking at the AF2.
However, some dealer has informed me that this tt has problems and they have been a few failed unit in Malaysia. I am concerned after hearing this and now hesitant to move forward after hearing this. Is there any truth in this? I know that your Asian senior editor Dato Han is using the AF1 and if he can give me some feedback it would be very much appreciated.

Ng Chee Kia

Dear Sir,

First, thanks for the thorough review of the Crayon amp and the focus on the phono section.

I come back to you with another set of questions if you don’t mind.

This box makes for a very minimalist vinyl playback system with preamp/phono preamp and power all integrated in one box with no cables and no external power supply. This sounds very appealing.

I’m in the process of changing/simplifying my system and was eagerly expecting for this review. I can’t stop from wondering though how the performance of the crayon phono amp compares with a Rcm sensor 1 or 2 that you know well. In a minimalist approach my other option would be to go from Rcm sensor to Focal SM9 or PSI a21M through volume control like SPL volume 2.

Your insight would greatly appreciated as there is no way here in Paris i can test this amp without buying it first.

Also, could you explain the following sentence ? Sorry I don’t get it :-(

“However, it should be mentioned here that the level of the IC for volume control and channel selection is only 2.3V and actually is the limiting part”

Best regards,
Eric Techer.

Dear Matej,

I saw on your youtube channel that you had opportunity to listen full Gryphon audio system with Pendragon speakers. What do you think about this sound? Im looking for some reference system for myself and Im a big fan of one-manufacture systems, so I consider Gryphon as well. Could you write a few words about that system?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, Matej!

I wanted to thank you for mentioning my ECM reviews website to your readers. It is truly an honor to find my name mentioned among such fine equipment. I only wish I could hear it all in action :)


Good morning Matej,

Just a quick note, it's so cool that you wrote about August & Everything after, also one of my favourite albums of all time! For me, Counting Crows never really made an album to match it. I like the second and third records, and the first live album, but August and Everything after is in a different league completely. A work of genius, a masterpiece for sure.

OK, that's it, just wanted to share and say how much I agreed!

Cheers from England,



I love the site and was turned on to it by one of your reviewers. Well done and one I will be returning to often.

Can I suggest/request that it would be nice to be able to see the list of reviewers contributing to your site and search for reviews by those reviewers.

Just a suggestion that might improve the use of the site.

Best regards,

Joe Jurzec

Just. Read Munich Show Report II and I want to say "Thank you that i got something to read which did not serve the usual Headache"

Kind Regards

Dear Mr. Isak

“The sound? With the analog front end it was no where near of the expected. It was a bad choice of components synergy and outcome was on mediocre level.“

I absolutely agree with your statement about the performance of the Platine Verdier in the Zellaton demonstration.

I’m the German distributor of this turntable for almost 30 years and can say that this turntable would not have the status of a legend when this quality would be the standard. Here, it was a modified version by a modifyer with his parts: additional upper black platter, tonearm board, tonearm, cartridge. We received a lot of feedback by owners of a Platine Verdier who claimed that there was something dramatically going wrong.

It seemed to be the target of the modifyer to sell upgrade parts along his feeling for being right. That this is definately not the failure of the Platine Verdier. If this turntable is not able to outperform a digital demonstration there is something very wrong.

With best regards

Keith Aschenbrenner
Auditorium 23


I recently purchased Linn Solo's non dynamic upgrade. Would love to hear your opinion. There is only one review, and 16 years old.. May be time for another reviewer?


Hello Matej,

i saw that you have tested the HAD. What do you think how good is this DAC against the new DAC Generation? Same Level as for Example a Lampi Level 4? I know it is only a 44 Khz DAC.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Mr. Isak,

I was wondering if you could offer any suggestions to my problem.  I am a dedicated mono vinyl listener, particularly from the ‘50s and particularly classical music but jazz as well. I am using a Miyagima Zero with a Fidelity Research FR64(s) tonearm onto a Redpoint turntable through an Art Audio Vinyl Reference phono stage, Supratek Cabernet Dual preamp, VIVA Aurora mono-block amps into Avantgarde TRIO speakers.

My problem is that I am only able to listen to one speaker at a time.  Plugging in both phono cables into my phono stage results in hum from 1 channel.

Is there any equipment or solution that you can suggest?

Would appreciate any input you could provide and thanks!

Anand Thakral

Thanks for posting the Concierto de Aranjuez. My guess is that you would also like the Kenny Wheeler / Bill Frisell / Lee Konitz / Dave Holland album on ecm called Angel Song.

Thanks again.
Ian Lobb

Hi Matej Isak and Mono and Stereo's friends.

Glad to meet you. My name is Edgar Puglisi. I am a mastering engineer working in Maracaibo Venezuela. I follow your site everyday I am very satisfied with all your contents news press and reviews. I would like express you my admiration for your continuous hard work to make one of the best audiophile websites on the world. Actually I am very interested in all about balanced preamps because I fell that it is one of the less valued equipment in the audio rig but that its impact in the audio definition is very important.

I am using a multichannel ADA from prism sound company Orpheus for mastering audio. But I am controlling the audio level using its 32 bits internal digital preamp reducing the signal around 30 dBs for most the material. I perceive a lightly reduction in audio quality when I am monitoring in lower levels.

My amplifier is Emotiva XPA-2 and Axiom Audio M-60 v2 speakers, I know that there are better amps and speakers match but I understand my system enough for mastering. All is connected in balanced form.

I like to know more about your TVC preamps experience. I am waiting for more info about the the bespoke audio company preamp that you say it is in review now.

Other preamps that I have read:

* The Stevens & Billington Limited Control Unit Fitted with the "classic" TX102mk3.4 attenuation transformers.     Price = £1440GBP inc VAT. £1200 Excuding VAT

* Baby Reference pre 2012 - present   £4900 GBP plus VAT

* Robert Koda Takumi K-10 ...very far of my dreamed budget because I am poor man

Again I will be all ears about your opinion and grateful for your time

Best regards

Edgar Puglisi

Dear Matej, 

Hope you are fine and doing well.I would like to have your expert opinion in deciding for a power conditioner for my Burmester/Focal set up. Unfortunately, Burmester has discontinued their entry level power conditioner. The amplifier is 956mk11 and cdp 001 and not using a preamp. I wanted to preserve the Burmester sound and that is the real issue. Can I have your suggestions.



Just a quick question about what is happening regarding the Magico S1 speaker review? Also, were you going to review the Vitus RI-100? I have both of these in my system and am interested to see if your impressions concur with mine.

Detlev Vosgerau


I read your review about Thrax preamp and very interested in buying either Robert Koda K10 preamp or Thrax preamp. Would you please advise which one is better in certain areas and which one is less in sonically ?

Will be appreciated your input

Kind regards,

Hi Matej,

I was reading your comments on the Devialet amplifiers. After all the praises I've been listening to for years and my disagreement regarding its sound it's good to read your point of view because I so much agree with all you say and I'm also beginning to realize it's not just me saying "it sounds good but it's not what real music sounds like (among other things you also mention)". I feel a lot more sane now.

Best regards

Konstantions Papachristou
General Manager
Black Pearls Audio

Hi Matej,

I agree 100 percent with you about the Devialet. A month ago I was on my way to purchase a Devialet 400. However, exactly as you put it, at several demos I tried very, very hard to feel more than just admiration over the enormous resolution and tight bass. But I simply could not. The Devialet is simply not a living thing to me. Instead I am now a happy owner of aParasound Halo JC2 preamplifier and two Parasound Halo JC1 monoblocs. This is a combination of flesh and blood that trumps the Devialet in every aspect that matters for me when listening to music.

Best regards,

Ake G.‎

I understand their is a new Shelter 901 MKIII phono cartridge that is an improvement over the MKII version. Very little or no information is available. I can not find any reviews or recent personal viewpoints about this cartridge. Do you have any information, etc. I want to upgrade my 6 year old Shelter 5000 cartridge within the year and believe the $2,600.00 price range is when I can afford. The 901 III falls in this category. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks again for your time.
Jeffrey Maidlow
Anderson, Indiana

Ps I enjoy reading your magazine daily!

Thank you Matej for your honest opinion piece on the Devialet.

You summed up my response to hearing it in my own system also. I was looking to find a solid state amplifier to replace a Leben CS600 powering Harbeth speakers for music and  movies. I ended up with a Naim Supernait 2. I mentioned that because you can get a feel for where my musical values lie. The Devialet just left me scratching my head. I wanted to like it, loved the design and clever engineering but was unmoved by it.

Having read several reviews of Devialet products, I became even more confused. Why were the reviewers so gushing in their praise? So thank you, for speaking honestly as a music lover and not a 'high-end groupie'. It makes me appreciate your views and writing all the more.

BTW, I'm hoping to audition the Sonus Faber Olympia III in my system very soon. Exciting.

Kind Regards from New Zealand,


Thank you for the articulation about artifact in your writeup of Devialet: [http://www.monoandstereo.com/2015/02/devialet-revolution-or-devolution.html] Painted ships on a painted sea may be pretty, but they are not the real thing!



I've been following your blog with a lot of interest. I can't wait for you review of the Crayon unit. Please tell me you will review its phono section too. I'm very interested in this amp as an all-in-one solution. Your comments will be of special interest to me since you have also tried the RCM Prelude phono stage.

Best regards,

Hello, I just came across your site researching this tonearm. The Seac WE-407/23. I noticed you had photos of it. I own it but have never used it. Do you have any experience with it, is it any good, or should I move on to something else. I thought I might try it for a mono set-up with a Miyajima. The site looks interesting.I’ll read through it tomorrow.

Vancouver, Canada.

Thanks for your Mono and Stereo site. I enjoy it a geat deal. I would enjoy it even more if there was a different philosophy behind the pictures. A lot of visual information about the equipment is to be found at the darker end of the luminosity scale.

I would get a lot more from the pictures if the darker values were not compressed to make an unreadable dark mass. This is not something that only happens on your site - I've seen poor images on Absolute Sound and 6 moons pages in the last week too. Images of the backs of amps are often just all black ink, and details of speaker construction are obscured.

I'm not suggesting pale milky images, but images full of information. Which way are the XLR sockets oriented - they're not always the same - so how will my very unflexible cables cope?

Etc Etc.

Most formats of files can be converted to RAW files inside Photoshop now, and that enables shadows to be opened just by the use of a slider.

Thanks for all your efforts - it is appreciated.

Best Wishes
Ian Lobb

Dear Matej Isak!......

I´ve been following your project (Mono and Stereo) for quite some time, now - really impressive stuff!......  :-)

Do you make the reviews all by yourself, or?...... :-)

Best Regards

Carsten S Christensen

Hi Matej,

Browsed your website - amazing work. Congratulations.

Best regards

David Haigner

Hello Matej, 

I don't know if you are the right person to contact, but here goes...

I've just started my journey into hifi. My goal initally is a decent mid end system which brough Sounddeco to my attention. Their speakers are raved about in the lokal polish hifi press and 6moons. Probably credible sources, as a beginner I can't judge. 

Therefore I was happy to see that your site was gearing up for a review of the Sounddeco alpha f2. Sadly, I later saw, the date for that upcoming review article is 2 years old. What happened to the actual review? Was it cancelled? If so why? The article in question; "http://www.monoandstereo.com/2012/12/sounddeco-alpha-f2-speakers-review-test.html" seems possitive. 

I hope you might point me to why the review was canceled or even better when it might be published. 

I live in Sweden and have no affiliation with the company. 

Thank you in advance, Erik


good afternoon. I imagine a young company from Russia. http://www.milkysound.ru/about/ and we are promoting some brands which you mentioned on the pages of your website. In this regard, I would be curious to know a little bit more in detail about the products of the Polish firm Acuhorn, in particular about their amplifier S2 tube 6C33C, because you just listened to it in your system. What can it compare to what is the level relative to competitors, to which of them is closer to the sound of nature. Well, in general it is worthy of attention or just a good average hi-fi? At the same time if they heard them acoustics model 175.http://www.acuhorn.pl/RS175i.htm

С уважением,
Андрей молочник

Your AM Music 833S review in Mono & Stereo.

For your information these monoblocks consume 400W each and not the 800W stated. I know 800 is/was stated on their web site but it has now been corrected to 400. They still haven’t corrected the manual.

I have a pair and I have measured them at 440W each at a mains voltage of 251VAC. I would hate it if someone was put off buying by a figure of 1600W total consumption. Even I wouldn’t have bought a pair.

Best regards, David.


I am looking for a stereo (amp and speakers) for bad recordings. I play much 80’s hard rock, and that often sounds way too harsh and with no bass. Sounds very bad! Many systems today sounds like: shit in= shit out! I don’t want that. I want a very laidback and soft treble. But the bass must be punchy in both deep and midbass area.

Any suggestions?

By the way, heard the new Piega Classic 40.2 or 60.2?

Thanks alot!

Aage Bo

Hello Matej,

Thanks a lot for posting information about our product on your website! Really appreciate it. If by any chance you will be in Toronto, Canada - please, let me know. I'll be glad to meet with you and show this revolutionary system to you.

With best regards,
Artur, R2R Audio


I read this very interesting article: http://www.monoandstereo.com/2014/08/soundstring-cable-technologies-complete.html. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out when this review is written. Can you help me? Is this a new review?

Thank you in advance.

Johan Birger Stokmo

Dear Matej,

Hereby concept press release on our  ECM-collector.com webpage, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do ;-) With sincere compliments to you on Mono&Stereo webpage, keep the passion.

Kind Regards; Manuel and Ron

Dear Matej,

there is nothing new in making output transformers in toroids,  we have done this for over 15 years both as Singel ended and as PP, Toroidy company is saying that he has a patent on the transformers, this is not possible, I tried 15 years ago also Peter Quortrup (audio note copy) has tried it.

Otherwise I get a great view over  what is happening on the HiFi scene through your work. For me is it especially your interest in LP records and tube gear.

Best wishes,

Hello Matej,

My name is Ian Sutton and I'm the marketing manager at Musical Surroundings. I wanted to introduce myself to you, as well as ask for your permission to use a photo you took of the DS Audio DS-W1 Optical phono cartridge for use in our December e-newsletter.  Of course we will credit the photo as well as link to monoandstereo.com. Looking forward to your response.

Ian Taylor Sutton
Digital Communications & Marketing Manager
Musical Surroundings

Toroidy SET. Do they have a web site? How can I find out more. Thanks,

John Krause

Will you be writing or featuring reviews on phono cartridges. I am interested in replacing my 6 year old Shelter 5000 phono cartridge with the Shelter 901 MKII or something else that would be on the same quality and performance, & price. If you have phono cartridges that would be in that range I am interested. I read your magazine daily and find many helpful ideas and recommendations for music listening, etc.

Thanks for your quality magazine and support to many audiophile listeners.

Jeffrey Maidlow
Anderson, Indiana

Hello Matej,

I was wondering if you have heard the Koda K70 amp and if so, how would it compare with Analog Domain amps in terms of timbre, microdynamics and transparency towards the back of the soundstage? My guess is that Analog Domain power amps have more detail and better bass control? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide. The speakers I have in mind are Magico Q7 and M Project Anniversary and also Raidho D5. I am also planning to upgrade my preamp. I currently have CAT pre and power amp. Many thanks. Ash


This VIBEX is excellent but you should try even better in my opinion, the Octopus Siltex 8 Power Center - OFC.




I saw your review of the Arte Forma Perla preamp as I was looking for information on an Arte forma power amp that I own.  The amp I own looks to be the power amp version of Arte Forma's IT-150 Integrated amp.  Same circuit and parts choices.  I have put the amp on sale at :  http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649159337-arte-forma-power-amp/

I purchased it from a fellow closing out his deceased friend's stereo shop.  It might be one of the few in N. America.  Did you ever see this amp before?  I do not have a model number or name for it.  Given its quality,  I wonder if I shouldn't keep it, but I need to thin my equipment for a future move.

Thanks for you time,

Alan, Wisconsin, USA

In response to article on the Genesis speakers going down to 16Hz and a concert grand piano going down to 16.5Hz, and a concert hall being larger than 70 in length, the problem is that we, as consumers, don’t have huge rooms to listen to notes down that far.  The typical home has much smaller rooms and most people don’t have proper low frequency absorption to handle lots of SPL’s in the low frequency range.  30Hz is about 30 ft in length and most homes don’t have listening rooms that long, so we can’t even hear the entire note to develop.  Some people have big enough rooms so there is about 8 to 12 feet between the listener and the speakers, so for most people even 40Hz is low enough. Otherwise that room better be able to handle low frequency SPL, which most rooms don’t.  People typically have too big low frequency drivers cranked too loud and the bottom end becomes boomy or muddy because they are simply overdriving the room size with too much low frequencies and the room just simply can’t handle it and they end up having room node problems and other problems associated with too much low frequencies.


Dear Matej,

I read with interest your review of the Daniel Hertz Master Class. I have a simple question regarding your setup when you reviewed the software:

How did you have your Apple machine connected to your audio system that would allow you to sit in a proper listening position while still working with the software? In other words, speaking for myself, if I'm hard wired from my MacBook Pro to a DAC to a preamp, I won't have the ability to transport the MBP 6-7 paces to my listening chair. I'll have to have a 20 foot USB cable from laptop to DAC in order to do so, unless I'm missing something.

Could you elaborate on how you solved this problem when testing the software?


Gary, New Jersey

Hi, sir,

I have read the review and bought a Cloneaudio AP1 and I need a powerful amp to drive my Kef ls50. The rest of my system is Jplay, Dussun 6vi and Blackcat cabling. I would be appreciate you could give some recommendation. Many Thanks.


Hi Matej

Thanks for a great site, however being a dane I must correct You on the article on the Bang & Olufsen prototypes. Bang & Olufsen is not and have never been associated with General Electric.

Kenneth Jonge


I've been reading your article on the opamp shoutout in the Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amps review. You have picked my curiosity about the OPA804, but I cant' find any datasheet or much info on it appart from a reasaler in china. As it been renamed to discontinued? what is/was your provider of opa804 ic?

I'm looking forward to read you.

Best regards


I'm an italian music and Hi-end lover. I've seen the Italian post for TAKING DIY TO ESTREME http://www.mrtnv.com/travel/pavia. I've heard such combo in rome, and fall in love for the extraordinary different approach. In few words, while the other system (even millionaire) bring "Orchestra" into our rooms, Full Moss Sistem (shown in the pics) bring us in the place where music has been recordered. I ask you how I can contact the italian owner of such a stellar system.
I've non social network (twitter, facebook and so on) Thank you. Gerardo


The dowsing pendulum in the photo isn't even hanging straight. A close look at the eyelet on top clearly shows that it is not perpendicular to the pendulum's central axis. I.E it looks like it was assembledby someone of low skill in a dimly lit garage. For the price that Shun Mook is probably charging for this ( why do you not state the prices of the things you review - elitist snobbery?) this pendulum is atotal scam and sham. Total Bollocks!

Ostap Nakoneczny

Dear Sirs,

I am writing from KEF Audio. There is an error with the article supporting the KEF Muon post you have listed on your website. I would be grateful if you could change it ASAP, removing this part: "with a free installation for the existing owners" The update IS NOT FREE. Please could you remove this ASAP and confirm to me that it has been updated. Thanks so much, Michael Johnson - Senior Marketing Manager KEF Audio Group

Michael Johnson


About a couple weeks ago, the registrar introduced new extensions in the form of .audio, yet I didn't read a single post about this news, which I think is huge. Some companies have started buying «.audio» domain names, but not all.


I have followed the development of your website and must say that I am very excited about your serious approach to your interviews and tests. It is rare to see hi-fi writers who have your serious approach to all kinds of products, without being prejudiced.

John Dyrholm Lund

Dear Mr. Isak,

Earlier this week, I accidentally discovered your online magazine, which I had never heard of before. I was impressed with the visual layout and the general energy of the site. It was also refreshing to see reviews of Ultra High End components that aren't reviewed in American web magazines, or printed publications for that matter.

John L. Mirabile


The 25i is playing in the house. Its brilliant - a solid match with the Harbeth. Thanks a lot for the time taken to answer my queries, and your advice (from the heart and head).



I would like to know when I might see at least a preliminary review of the Cabledyne cables? Like this company and very interested in your findings.

Bill Turner