T h e   R o o m
  • New dedicated listening room (house) built from ground up
  • Golden ratio/Fibonacci sequence room size calculations
  • Room size: 5.36 m (wide) 8.6 m (length) 3.2 m (height)
  • Brick wall construction with special acoustic plaster overlay
  • Absolute left and right room mirroring
  • Perforated ceiling broadband absorber/diffuser multiple zone construction
  • Triangle shaped attic space filled with (45cm) fiberglass insulation and air chamber
  • One piece acoustic textile carpet. Left and right 25 cm floor gravel sections
  • Hand tufted round rug Ø200cm, natural New Zealand sheep wool with density 56.000 knots/m2/H 2cm/weight 4.9 kg/m2 (between speakers)
  • Two hand tufted round rug Ø100cm, natural New Zealand sheep wool with density 56.000 knots/m2/H 2cm/weight 4.9 kg/m2
  • 45 cm solid concrete floor with dedicated 15 cm subfloor acoustic plaster overlay
  • Average RT60 time = 0.47s
  • Room noise floor =  27 dB
  • Custom sound proof (sound trap) door. RI - RW = 45 dB
  • Two special sound glass seven-layer windows. RI - RW = 35 dB
L o u d s p e a k e r s 
  • Zellaton Reference MK2 2022 Special Edition
  • TIDAL Audio PIANO G2
  • Russell K. Red 50
A m p l i f i c a t i o n
  • Tidal Audio Ferios mono amplifiers
  • Aries Cerat Ianus Essentia TriodeFet power amplifiers
  • WestminsterLab Rei Class A power amplifiers
  • darTZeel NHB-108 model two
  • Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier
  • Grandinote Demone monoblock power amplifiers
  • Lumin Amp power amplifier
  • Analog Domain The Isis 75D MK2 
P r e a m p s 
  • Thrax Audio Libra 300B
  • TIDAL Prisma
  • Nagra HD PREAMP HV
  • darTZeel NHB-18NS Mk2
  • The Bespoke Audio Company Ultimate Silver
  • Totaldac d-1 driver - the amplifier driver
  • Grandinote Genesi
  • MSB Technology Select DAC
D i g i t a l   S o u r c e s
  • MSB Technology Select DAC - Femto 33 clock - two Mono Power bases
  • dCS Rossini Apex Player and Clock
  • Taiko Audio SGM Extreme music server with 16TB internal storage
  • Pink Faun 2.16 ULTRA 8TB internal storage
  • Totaldac d1-Direct DAC
  • Aries Cerat Kassandra II Sig DAC
  • Aqua Acoustic Quality Formula xHD DAC 
  • LUMIN T2 audiophile network player
  • Taiko Audio TAS
  • Roon Labs Roon Music Player
  • Tidal subscription
  • Qobuz subscription
A n a l o g   S o u r c e s 
  • Kronos PRO Turntable - Kronoscope RS tonearm
  • Döhmann Helix 1 MK2 Turntable
  • SAT CF1-09 tonearm
  • Schröder CB Tonearm (2x)
  • THRAX Audio Orpheus phono RIAA preamplifier
  • Gold Note PH-10 phono preamplifier
  • Grandinote Celio phono preamplifier
  • AFI flat.2 Record Flattener / Relaxer 
  • Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner
  • Furutech Destat III
  • Lyra Atlas Lambda
  • Top Wing Blue Dragon and Red Sparrow cartridges
  • ZYX Ultimate Astro X
  • HANA Umami
  • Murasakino Sumile Mono cartridge
  • Gold Note Tuscany Gold cartridge
  • HANA SL and ML cartridges
  • Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux cartridge
R a c k / S t a n d s
  • Artesania Audio Exoteryc Rack (3x)
  • Artesania Audio Krion turntable platform
C a b l e s
  • Nordost Valhalla 2 full cable loom
  • Tellurium Q Statement cable loom
  • WestminsterLab cable loom
  • WestminsterLab MSB Select power supply cables
  • JPS Labs cable loom
P o w e r l i n e
  • Separate electric line from transformer substation
  • Doepke DFS 4 audiophile grade circuit braker
  • Kemp Elektroniks Ultimate audio grade circuit breaker (cryogen treated and silver/gold plated contacts) and WA-Quantum Power Chip
  • HiFi-Tuning Ultimate² Fuse
  • Nordost QB8 QBASE-Mark II (2x)
  • Nordost QRT - QK1 (2x) and Qv2 (2x)
U S B / N e t w o r k   C a b l e s
  • MSB Technology The Pro USB
  • Nordost Valhala 2 USB cable
  • Nordost Valhalla 2 Ethernet cable
  • Totaldac Gigafilter
  • Totaldac ethernet cable/filter 
G r o u n d i n g
  • External earth grounding copper rod system
  • Star shaped copper grounding in the concrete floor
  • Nordost QKore 6 grounding unit
  • Nordost full ground cables loom
A c o u s t i c   T r e a t m e n t
  • RD Acoustics Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser 3 x 2 m circle absorption pattern
  • Yter Flexum acoustical enhancer (2x)
  • Kaiser Acoustics Spline diffusors 120 cm x 120 cm (2x)
  • Two analog active room mode absorbers taming 31.76 Hz - B0, 66.44 Hz - C2, 126.06 Hz - B2 frequencies 
  • SMT Wing transparent diffusors in front of windows (2x)
  • PYT Audio SMAD Reference panels (15x) on the front wall
  • Highly concentrated acoustic foam bass traps with wooden inlays (10x)
A c c e s o r i e s
  • Nordost Sort Lift (14x)
  • Furutech NCF Booster (6x)