Peter Erskine European Trio – Live in Genova Vol.3 premium tape experience

21st century and reel to reel (R2R) tapes? Well, yes! From the magnitude of happenings in R2R world already went beyond niche trending. There are quite few companies releasing both old and new material mostly with the 15 Ips speed, that majority of available machines can replay. Having the luxury of trying some of the new and old analog tapes in my system was an eye and ear opener, that sets the standard of its own.


The driving force behind Analogy Records is Roberto “Robbo” Vigo. I’ve had a pleasure of meeting him on few occasions and as well visiting his recording studio. Robbo is not only audio passionate of the highest order, but also most positively fanatical about each and every little thing. His work with numerous establish musicians and as well with legendary industry icons like Al Schmitt, Tony Maserati, Eddie Kramer and Andrew Scheps to name a few brought him to a deep understanding of musical production, mixing mastery and mastering of the both classical and contemporary gear. 

Pure music energy transfer and unaltered emotional interactive potency of the musicians is Robbo’s first and Foremost goal and this is how he conway his aural visionary imprints.


Mixed down on each order, each package comes with a unique design aluminum flange (NAB), artisanal hand made collector box, album booklet, customizable tape formats, speeds, emulsions, EQs and more.
The goal of all Robbo’s recordings has always been the highest quality, as well as the care in microphone techniques, the creativity in mixing, the emotion that a song can arouse in the listener. In an era where the way of listening music is getting worse and worse because of the use of many digital codecs that lower quality, Robbo felt the urge to produce artists and albums for more selected crowd; refined and demanding audience, who actually pays attention to details and nuances, by using the best available analog media: the tape.
Analogy Records comes as the world’s first record label that produce contemporary artists at its own recording studio, distributing ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES and not copies.
Instead of producing copies from any pre-existing master, for each order Analogy Records produces an original master directly from the multi-track recording system, thus removing an any additional stage. No first generation copies but only original Master Tapes, in order to ensure the best listening experience ever.
Analogy Records produces artists from different musical genres, such as jazz, pop, classical, folk, world music, contemporary music and others, working in a world class recording studio (Zerodieci Studio) and exploiting my 37 years of experience as musician and 22 years of experience in the field of music production.


Peter Erskine European Trio – Live in Genova Vol.3 is one of the titles I’m more then happy to have on hand and the first title to be put on the “paper”.
Peter Erskine European Trio – Live in Genova, an album consisting of three different volumes is epitomizing all the magic of contemporary jazz. Peter Erskine certainly needs no introduction – the eclectic sound of his drums is famous across the worldwide jazz scene and even beyond, considering the many years he spent with a band that is the icon of 1970s jazz fusion, the evergreen Weather Report. The American drummer is the pivot of the latest project of this magical trio, which also includes the extraordinary pianist Rita Marcotulli and the versatile double bass of another legendary jazz artist: Swedish Palle Danielsson.
The three volumes making up the album, which was recorded in Genoa (Italy) in July 2014, are a snapshot of a tight band that knows how to jam and happily indulge in breathtaking improvisations as well as delicate, intimate moods, thereby creating a warm, softly embracing – but never show-offish sound blend.
I wanted to put my first and foremost focus of Analogy Records label at live recording. In this way I could understand the level of the primal and main reference – the live sound. Its more of a tinker quest with studio recorder albums where focus of sound can be labeled as mixing art acting on the completely different platform. 

With live sound we’re operating with the real reference point one can relate to much easier and critically competing is of substance and objectiveness. One of the most important things with high-level musical reproduction is mandatory needed musical flow. Immediacy act as the next intimate encounter. When these two comes are jointed in a harmonic way the interactive relationship between the performer and listener is established. 
Musical message can be instantly distorted in so many ways due to vast amount of dependable factors and even the best electronics cannot decipher such default squashed message. Yes, the original message being captured and store properly matters to the max.
Peter Erskine European Trio – Live in Genova brings an interesting impact, that serves massiveness rarely captured on any medium. Thought the playing this recording restores the faith of the grand energy transfer without being overflowed. Yet, when Peter’s going “nuts” with the thunderous drum solo you know instantly with what you’re being served. Impressive level of unaltered musical flow and pure raw energy transfer found a repetitive noting in my listening highlights. 
Live atmosphere level and natural layering reconstructed itself  via this record with a unique live music inner sanctum reminiscence, providing the kaleidoscopic view of vibrancy rather then so often complex chaos quoted and contemporary open(ish) sound. 


We live in the world where slowly, but surely the appreciation of life’s finer things is coming at front and its no different with products and medium in high-end audio industry. For this, we might need to lurk outside of typical audiophile crowd and connect with the people that cherish music for what it is and not what it supposed to be.  
Robbo and his Analogy Record venture represent a unique movement, that embraces all the best qualities of the high-performance medium, that can capture and embrace the enormous musical potency. Intriguingly Robbo graduated as Air Traffic Controller, but in the 1990’s began his carrier in the pro audio industry. His “fanatical” determination led him to he most  impressive audio educational pursue and quest for the sonic excellence.  
Its not hard to like & love Robbo’s approach and dedication. His venture opens up to the new era and the way we can experience high quality recordings through the almost relic analog machine medium.   
When analog tape machine is being matched by the balanced high-end audio system something completely different embarks and this is where Analogy Records pin points their focus, love and passion.


€ 270,00


Completely customizable, luxury reel to reel experience.
Choose between different tape formats, speeds, emulsions and EQs.
Artisanal hand made collector box, album booklet, unique design aluminum flange (NAB) and much more.
Exclusive access to special offers and VIP services.