Piega AP 1.2 Loudspeaker NEW

The oblique – in the truest sense of the word – styling makes the Compact Loudspeaker AP 1.2 not just the ideal sidekick for any flat-screen television, it also offers the advantage of preventing any disruptive waves from being able to arise within the cabinet. The 130 mm bass and mid-range speaker features PIEGA’s exclusive MDS technology, which makes it possible for the membrane to exert a particularly substantial throw and a consistently linear motion.
The ribbon tweeter LDR 2642 MKII is set apart by a particularly clear and extremely detailed sound, a vitality never witnessed before even at low volume levels and a very impulse-rich and clearly reproduced high-frequency range. The extremely lightweight membrane, measuring 26 x 42 mm and composed of wafer-thin aluminium foil, is approximately 30 times lighter than the lightest commercially available dome tweeters. Two flat coils secured to the membrane, a neodymium magnet and magnetic bars integrated in the front panel and acting as magnetic lenses serve to drive the system. They bundle the magnetic field lines together, so that the tweeter achieves an efficiency of more than 100 dB.
Thanks to the flexibly adjustable wall bracket that comes with the system, installation of the AP 1.2 is extremely versatile. Whether as a stereo loudspeaker, a centre speaker or for rear surround channels, whether vertical or horizontal, whether in operation alone or in conjunction with an active subwoofer – whatever be the configuration, a resonant stereo or home theatre experience is guaranteed.