Poland Audio Video Show 2016 official report

After the five massive photo reports with almost 1000 of photos and initial sum up, here is the official Mono & Stereo report with comments and highlights… 

Most impressive Stadion Narodowy, a third location of Audio Video Show place, some 15 minutes away (with taxi). This revenue can really “swallow” the crowd and I have strong feeling, that the walls that separates the showcase rooms were designed with some proper absorbing materials in mind …
Mastermind behind the Poland Audio Video show Adam Mokrzycki. Hard working gentlemen with focused and curious mind! 

These year German’s and Swiss’ refinement/punctuality were combined via Göbel High End and CH Precision collaboration. Both Florian and Oliver are perfectionists and this clearly reflected within the room.

One of the fastest growing products of the high-end audio industry are for sure headphones. This year Adam expanded the “Cans” booths and offered much larger space with more or less all the “goodies”. Yes even the latest 50K Sennheiser Orpheus system.
Great surprise was a combination of Ypsilon Audio and Vivid Audio speakers. I never had a chance to hear a proper sounding Vivid’s, yet this was finally a positive turn of the events. I’m sure Ypsilon electronics had a great part as they did in Munich High End Audio Show 2016 with Wilson Audio…
Natural Sound traditionally presented complete FM Acoustics system, that kept many listeners for a prolonged time and made some of them to return. When set right FM system can excel beyond typical norms and Saturday was a day to celebrate it!
Thrax Audio complete system was radiant, zest and exuberant. Thrax Lyra speakers shares similar qualities as my reference Ubiq Audio Model One special Edition Speakers. Yes, my type of sound and gear.
Be quick or be dead! One of the iconic Iron Maiden songs perfectly reflects the speed and lower frequency range potency of the Vitus/Gauder Akustik combination…
One of the bigger systems at the show combined Wilson Audio speakers, The Bespoke Audio Company preamplifier, Dan D’Agostino updated Master Audio Systems Momentum amplifiers,  MSB SELECT 2 flagship DAC etc. 
If you want to get lost in analogue – turntable heaven in Poland, there is only one place to go. RCM!
A a guest of Natural Sound, Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere Acoustics presented their Reference turntable with Reference tonearm and seismic base. Touraj has an impressive track record when it comes to the analog, vinyl and turntables. He’s one of few, not being shy to explain all the bits and their purpose in his designs.  
Nagra HD Line was connected to the Zeta Zero omni-polar speakers starting from 12.000 EUR. 
And no high end audio show is complete without hostesses, taking care of all the flyers, media materials and promotion.
Amare Musica full blown DHT setup that is coming for a review at Mono and Stereo. Yes, two monoblocks and preamplifier. I’ve couldn’t return for a next round, but I’ve extracted enough to look forward for their arrival…
A speical lounge place where one could find a quiet moment for more intimate talk in the company of some legendary gears. Great idea!
A statement!?
Great juxtaposition of past and present. The block integrated amplifier I’ve reviewed early this year at Mono and Stereo. Refreshingly captivating…
The Italian connection. 
Another room with gear galore and another room with The Bespoke Audio preamplifier. It was great to see how Lucy, Harry and Andrew are getting their deserved recognition…
Audio Vintage with some of the legendary electronics. Always feast for my eyes…
At both locations, Natural Sound revealed their all new three way efficient speaker project (Acoustic and Visual design – Miro Krajnc) along with their version of field coil speakers, that uses legendary Japanese Maxonic drivers. 
YPSILON Audio premiered their all new PSE-300B Monoblock Valve Power Amplifiers…
Another Polish high-end audio manufacturers I’m highly interested in. I’m working on getting their flagship silver cabler for evaluation. 
Muddy Watters sang about big leg women, some of us like bigger drivers based speakers for a reason… Heco Direkt
There’s no show without Magico. Magico S5 MkII speakers were premiered at the show.
Stylish and potent Fabricio Baretta’S Faber Cables La Potenza Power Distributor in a matching FM Acoustic color…
There are Stax headphones and there are headphones ;)… Need to get the Stax 009 for more intimate and close inspection.
Bright lights, big city sound :)! I guess there’s something for everyone on the show :)….
Pro-Ject Audio was no shy with abundance of their product being exhibited at the stadion hall. As usually Pro-Ject CEO, Heinz Lichtenegger was personally attending…
hORNS by Auto-Tech 100dB sensitive Universum 3-way unique horn speaker system brings 140 liters bass tower, Beryllium tweeter and mid drivers and more. Not the typical byte n’ beat exploded horn sound.
Two distinguished, high-end audio industry entrepreneurs; Rumen Artarski of Thrax Audio/Audio Union and Frank Vermeylen MSB Technology Corporation EU Sales Manager. 
Another product not easily seen or heard on the show. Bang & Olufsen flagship Beolab 90 speakers. Sadly I had not a chance to hear them with proper music material. Next time hopefully…
Another rarely seen flagship, but I’m yet to hear Tannoy Kingdom Royal Carbon Black shaking my core…
Best high-end piano sound on the show! This is something I do want to own in hopefully not so distant future. Not the Steinway self playing system and recording piano, but similar logic at more affordable price…
Now, that was not expected. Full stack of Tenor Audio, vinyl front end and Hansen speakers, kept me in the room for at least half hour. I’ve heard Tenor briefly in the past, but never in such potent combination. This was properly balanced and sounding room, that lingered in my memory for quite a while. 
Why I like and love Polish show? Here is one of the reasons. You can discover exotic brands, that you’ll wont find even in Munich. Yeah, Robert Koda Takumi K-70. Sadly on the silent display, but I’m still optimistic to try them in my home with my beloved Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier. 
Paweł Franc Skulimowski’S Franc Audio Accessories new power block. Now that was something different…
RD Acoustic horn speakers with full stack of the Lampizator electronics. Horns and tubes mated for a reason, resulting in the captivating and inspiring sound. Reasonably priced, open, natural aural injection with proper bass extension. And thats not supernova, but extremely complex RD Acoustic absorber/diffusor
Latest version of the Cabasse La Sphère flagship loudspeakers mirrored the looks. Hefty,  powerful dynamic sound that was far more enjoyable then what I’ve expected. 
Pre-Audio ASP-1501N turntable and tangential tonearm with air pressure compressor. Everything comes as a package at what at what it seems very affordable price.
Audium wireless speakers presented open – wide spread sound without being harsh.  Here you’ve got 21st century tech coming to practice…
DIMD integrated amplifier is coming soon for a review. Interesting concept in a stylish package…
Talking about exotic audio solutions :)? The Polish DIY room with a muff touch!
Toroidy transformers are finding their way in many renowned brand’s products. They’re known beyond Poland for their quality at affordable price.
Retro Audio gave a run for the money to many systems at the show. Oldies, but pure sonic goldies. 
Hegel, Xavian speakers and Tellurium Q cables. Another balanced sounding room, showing what is possible to achieve at the reasonable investment. 
Old School speakers with T & A electronics. Surprisingly fast, controlled and tonally factual sound. 
Newcomer Notte Sound Labs, with international team under the umbrella presented their complete line of electronics.
There was something very different and potent coming from the Baltlab amplifier. I’ll try to get my hands and ears onto it for further exploration. Baltlab integrated driving Trenner & Friedel speakers offered involving presentation with Surprising 3D sense of space. 
Pathos Acoustics presented their new Pathos Inpol Heritage integrated amplifier. Great looking amplifier following the distinctive brand’s design cue and involving sound. 
Audio Note UK presentation was as in Munich high-end audio combined with the live cello playing. 
With their particular, refreshing design Murah Audio products cannot be easily unnoticed. They manufacture complete line, from turntable to electronics. MU-4 power amplifier (photo above) comes with four KT88 tubes, that delivers 50 watts per channel. 
Sugden Audio was represented by their Polish distributor Wojtek/Szemis. Sugden Audio A21 Signature, Michell Orbe and LS21 loudspeakers radiated with renowned British vibe!
Stylish Acoustique Quality AQ Passion, 19k EUR loudspeakers from Czech Republic….
My experience with smaller Vivid Audio speaker reflected the positive sum up from the Stadion Narodowy. Finally I’ve heard them as with a gestalt and impact.
ADD hand built electronics drove the JBL speakers with a sense of control and believable timbral palette. These products are only built per order, so there’s probably little chance to get them for closer inspection. 
This year’s Poland Audio Video show was a true marathon. Its inspiring to see so many people attending with so many exhibitors pushing hard to present their goods. Overall vibe surrounding the Poland Audio Show is much more socially oriented and it feels less as a trade show. 
There is no spacing out if one wants to cover the complete show only for photo report. Taking a bit of time in each room makes it even more of a challenge. 
Still, I’ve made my way around, but sadly without time for some desired returns. It was fun and hard work combined. Secret potion is still a genuine enthusiasm and so far I’m not running out of it!
Flying back home in a contemplative mind, I’ve summed up it all with one thought. Everyone matters that took a part in any way. Thank you all and Til’ next year!
Matej Isak