Popori Acoustics At CAF

The Hungarian-based Popori Acoustics Ltd. develops and manufactures world-class near full range to full range electrostatic speakers which faithfully reproduce the audio band without the use of supplemental dynamic drivers or subwoofers. “While Popori is only a few years old, its products are represented by distributors in 8 countries. Several tests, reviews, and customer feedback confirm the highly acclaimed capabilities of these fine handcrafted products; notably natural sound reproduction, holographic and life size imaging, and blazing dynamics.”

“In close partnership with the US Distributor, Notable Audio Products, the Popori Acoustics WR1.23W and WR2.23XL wide range electrostatic speakers will be presented in Seattle at the Pacific Audio Fest, to be held on 23-25, June in the Room #1364 at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel at Seattle Airport. We are partnered with the award-winning J. Sikora Turntables and the acclaimed Doshi Audio vacuum tube electronics. Both analog and digital recordings will be used for the demonstration.
WR1.23W is an enhanced version of the WR1.23 speakers that won Best of Show last October in Warsaw at the AVS2022 show. The WR1.23W to be presented in Seattle has added “wings”, elegant steel side elements which further improve imaging specificity, even more precisely control of the deepest bass frequencies,  and increase the overall stability of this tall speaker. The frequency range of these speakers is 29 Hz to 22 kHz, measured at 2m distance in normal living room environment. The WR1.23W produces bass with power and accuracy never before possible with pure electrostatic speakers, without the help of additional dynamic drivers. The European retail price of this model is EUR 72.000 incl. VAT and delivery cost, installation and fine tuning at the customer’s home.
WR2.23XL is the smaller brother of the magnificent WR1.23W. Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, exceptional musicality, impressive bass, and realistic 3D imaging, it is destined to become the most successful model in our product portfolio. It is a highly sensitive (90 dB) speaker and it is able to generate sound pressure of over 100 dB. As a result of our proprietary engineering techniques, the WR2.23XL has a frequency range of 30 Hz to 22 kHz despite the fact that its radiating surface is 20% smaller than that of the WR1.23W. Whenever these speakers are demonstrated, they leave the listeners wondering how they defy physics. We never get tired of hearing listeners ask us “how is this performance possible” and “where are we hiding the subwoofers”. The speaker is sold in Europe for EUR 36.000 incl. VAT and delivery cost, installation and fine tuning at the customer’s home.
We sell the products with 5 year full warranty and with a buy back guarantee. That means that when a customer decides to upgrade from a smaller or earlier model to the newest or larger Popori Acoustics electrostatic speaker we credit the old model at the original price (subject to certain terms and conditions) as invoiced at the date of purchasing and this amount will be deducted from the price of the new or larger model.
About us: Popori Acoustics Ltd. is a Hungarian venture, established in 2021 by Otto Popori, chief designer and Gábor Markó, industrial designer. The Popori Acoustics electrostatic speakers are handcrafted in Hungary by experienced artisans on the base of proprietary electrical and mechanical engineering solutions. Instead of commonly used perforated metal sheet stators we are using properly stretched insulated wires, our membrane is a 6 micron thick BOPET foil, the frame of the speaker is Kerrock, a mineral filled resin, standing on CNC machined carbon steel legs. We are using highly sophisticated transformers, custom made by our own design for us to generate the appropriate stator voltage. We do not use dynamic speakers or subwoofers in our speakers, they are pure electrostatic speakers, some models supported by ribbon tweeters in the high frequency domain. The system runs on 12V DC, instead of commonly used 110/230 V line voltage. The speakers are available in different color versions. Presently 5 models in different sizes are in production.”