Pristine Vinyl ViVac RCS2 cleaner

Built on the success and excellent engineering of the RCS1, the RCS2 offers unparalleled deep cleaning.  To help you achieve fantastic results, the RCS2 utilises the addition of a medical grade electronic liquid pump that automatically delivers the perfect amount of Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution to the record’s surface.
Whether you are cleaning 7”, 10” or 12” discs, using the easily adjustable timing control, the amount of cleaning solution used can be altered to ensure the perfect clean each and every time with no waste or mess.

Delivered through an arm that automatically sweeps over the record’s surface, there is no more effective or simple way to ensure your records are clean and sound fantastic.

Unlike brushed or felt strip type cleaning machines, there is no chance of re-contaminating a cleaned record and more importantly, as only clean items touch the record’s surface whilst cleaning takes place, the chance of scratching and damaging the delicate surface is much reduced.
To offer even greater flexibility, the RCS1 can be upgraded to the RCS2 as and when finances allow.  Simply return it to Pristine Vinyl and, for a nominal sum, we will upgrade and fully service the machine for you. 
If you are you are serious about vinyl reproduction and want to buy the best cleaning system for your cherished and often irreplaceable collection, get in touch with Pristine Vinyl today and let us supply one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy.