PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Amplifier NEW

PS Audio all new, Stellar M700 $5,000 power amplifiers with Analog Cell proprietary, fully differential, zero feedback, discrete, Class A MOSFET circuit…
The problems faced when crafting a new power amplifier are many—delivering sufficient power, control, frequency extension, and dynamics while maintaining a perfectly layered soundstage under the most complex musical passages.
All amplifiers sound different. What determines sound quality are the components and topologies of the amp’s input voltage stage and output current stage. Each section should complement the other. Between them, the amp develops its sound. 

Stellar’s design imperatives—affordable pricing, uncompromised sonics—were major challenges solved by the invention of a unique new circuit christened the Analog Cell.

Stellar engineer Darren Myers had planned from the outset to take advantage of Class D’s high current, low distortion, ruler flat linearity for the output stage—knowing full well it is the input stage that determines sonic character. This critical interface between preamplifier and power amplifier is where Stellar’s magic would be unveiled; where Myers could lavish upon the music the sweet, tube-like quality of Class A biased MOSFETs. His challenge was to synergistically marry both input and output topologies, for which he invented Stellar’s Analog Cell.
The Analog Cell is the heart of the M700’s musicality, where richly overlayed layers of music’s inner details are preserved even in the most complex orchestral crescendos. The Analog Cell is a proprietary, fully differential, zero feedback, discrete, Class A MOSFET circuit, hand-tuned to capture the smallest micro dynamics without sacrificing the loudest macro dynamics music has to offer.
Mono power amplifier pair
Zero-loss Analog Cell input stage
Powerful MOSFET balanced output stage
RCA Single ended input
XLR “true” balanced input
340 watts into 8Ω
700 watts rms into 4Ω
2Ω stable
Less than 0.1% thd 20Hz to 20kHz at rated power
Damping factor 200 for excellent loudspeaker control
Front panel standby button
Effieicient operation with very little heat
Dual, solid copper, plated, output binding posts
27 pounds
Input 12 volt trigger