Purecable Optimus Series Now Available

Purecable writes: “During the Dutch Audio Event 2021, the first sneak preview of Purecable’s newest top line, the Optimus Series, could be admired. The line is now complete and available. The Optimus Series originated from the years of experience the company has gained with high-end cabling. These cables are completely handcrafted with new insights, materials and only the highest quality products without compromise.” 

“For the Optimus power and Optimus speaker, very high-quality PC-Triple C copper is used, which was specifically manufactured for this series on behalf of the manufacturer. The analog and digital interconnects are manufactured with a copper conductor in a composition which is kept secret due to its uniqueness. In addition, pure silk is used to protect the conductors. A tubing was chosen as the dielectric that is extremely flexible and very strong. A unique and new material in the audio world.

As with the Master Series, connectors from the Australian brand ETI-Research have been chosen for the best transitions. This time the BRIO variant with a rhodium plating.

So far there is available a speaker cable, power cable, analog interlink (RCA & XLR), digital interlink (RCA & BNC), network and USB cable.