Qeos Audio QUEOS II speakers are inspired by the Perfect 8 Cube, but with increased inner volume, that delivers enriched sound quality and balance. They were designed by longtime specialist in glass design and a team of international audio experts…


• Unique glass enclosure structure free of vibrations and cavity resonances in the air volume throughout the bandwidth of the bass-/midrange driver; results in unparalleled purity and precision of sound. 
• No transfer of vibrations to the surface below the speaker due to opposing force-coupled bass-/midrange drivers decoupled from the enclosure.
• Extremely low mechanical losses for clear, precise and dynamic bass response due to absence of enclosure damping material and vibrating surfaces.
• No baffle step (responsible for the typical box speaker sound in room) throughout the critical midrange due to omnidirectional radiation pattern up to 900Hz.
• Crossover frequency in the psychoacoustic optimal range (transition from interaural time difference to interaural frequency dependent level difference for localization by the auditory system).
• Ideal closed box avoiding the air flow noise and resonances associated with vented enclosures. The shallow roll off (12db/octave) results in low group delay where it is of greatest importance and cooperates with typical room acoustics in the best way (“room gain”).
• Flat front baffle without the typical cavities created by cone drivers minimizes the diffraction issues of conventional box speakers on the radiation of the tweeter.
• Very smooth frequency response even in the vertical dimension due to side mounted bass-/midrange drivers (uncolored floor and ceiling reflections).
Frequency response : Below 50Hz (-6dB @ 50Hz anechoic 4pi, 12dB/octave roll off) to 25kHz (-5dB) 
Typical THD : Below 0.3% @ 96dB throughout critical midrange and treble 
Radiation pattern :True 4pi monopole point source below 700Hz, 2pi point source above 1,2kHz, traversing in-between 
Treble : (1 per channel): Extremely wide bandwidth, ultra-high quality tweeter with coated 35mm fabric dome. Top plate and T-yoke of the strong Neodymium magnet system are CNC machined for lowest distortion and excellent precision. Pole piece and voice coil former are ventilated into a rear chamber made of rigid metal in order to prevent cavity resonance and noise.
Bass -/ Midrange : (2 per channel): Specially developed proprietary 7“ Aluminum-Cone driver with low inductance linear magnetic drive due to heavy copper rings below and above the pole piece, extremely low mechanical losses, non-conductive voice coil former. Resonances and energy storage way outside passband. Very long stroke design (linear 14mm p-p, m
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Sensitivity : 86dB 2.83V @ 1m (anechoic 4pi), max. dynamic impulse SPL 115dB
Power handling : 100W, short term 250W, 1000W impulse
Crossover : High quality Mundorf foil capacitors and air core coils in separate chamber, isolated from structural vibrations and the air pressure inside the enclosure.
Dimensions : Approx. 25cm x 27cm  x 37cm (w x d x h)
Weight : Approx. 21 kg