Raven Audio Eagle Integrated Amplifier update

The new Eagle Integrated Amplifier is going to be available until the end of the year for $5,495.00. The Golden Eagle will be available for $5,995.00. These will be introductory prices that will hold until December 31st.
“Obviously these amplifiers are extremely expensive to build in the USA, and we use the absolute best parts available building them. We also use very heavy fiberglass reinforced military grade PC boards with heavy tracings, and this is why it feels like the tube sockets are anchored into steel instead of the thin plastic you detect with some other brands… because essentially they are anchored to a board that is tougher than steel plate, and is designed to be perfect for this application – and in military situations – like war conditions!

Compare the Raven Audio Avian Series amplifiers to ALL of our competition and there is a huge difference in the feel of solidity when installing the tubes. The PC board is anchored all around each of the ceramic and Bakelite sockets, with stainless steel spacer bolts.

The paint is seriously high quality, the faceplate and preamplifier bonnet plate are also high quality machined aluminum as well. And finally, the sound…. we WANT you to compare our amplifiers directly to all of the other ones out there. We will hold your check while you do and if you don’t like them better we will refund ALL of the money that you paid for the product. Buy worry free~!!!

One thing we do not want is to have any unsatisfied Raven Audio customers. So we offer anyone that purchases a Raven Audio product the ability to get a full refund if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase. The money back guarantee is good for a full month after purchase.

We wish our competitors would do the same, simply because this is a major purchase. Amplifiers of this quality are extremely expensive and the buyer should not have to worry about risking this type of money.

For instance….. if you buy a $8,500 air conditioner for your home and it doesn’t work correctly, or you were sold something that was not the right size. You should get your investment back or be able to get a new one of the right size. I don’t see any difference between these two situations.
Don’t you wish you could get that kind of guarantee with a car~!!!

Your music takes flight on the wings of Raven Audio… and that is fully guaranteed!”