Real high end audio advancement?

Advancement in high-end audio? Indeed. Just gathering few thoughts I’ve written down late last night… 
We’re often criticize by outer parties regarding utterly pushing the limits of exotic, esoteric and high-end audio in general.
Like with any extreme related things or industries as small as they might be, high-end audio niche market and industry is trying to push the high-end audio performance to the maximum by all means. This should be the real agenda behind all the efforts. Not packing jewelry boxes with chew over high-tech concepts, but to provide something meaningful and of difference. 
Yes, things can go nasty in pricing. In most cases its tightly connected with smaller ventures pushing the limits of existing and in given circumstances. Even larger high-end audio companies cannot afford the R & D that were once connected with development of high performance audio. Reflecting the golden era of past century including (80’s Japanese domestic market) its almost impossible to invest such amount of funds and employ so many engineers under sole audio project development.
Anyhow. What is the sum up of my contemplation? Real advancement of highest performance high-end audio (including both digital and analog worlds) lies within the resolution. I’m not talking about fake, self proclaiming nonsense specced gear that promises heavenly audio abode. I’m referring to the real performing machines, that offers true advancement with their ability to reproduce music. 
This results in preservation of our beloved and most precious instruments. THE EARS!

With there advancements in action, I can finally listen to music at much lover volumes. Related to my article about the !!!gain!!! from few days back you still have to find the proper, optimal gain, but the enjoyment can kick in at much lower volume settings.

Many simply cannot afford dedicated rooms even if they own crazy expensive systems (for example Hong Kong or Japan) and such potent new high-end audio devices surely ensure proper family balance act. Yes, we want to engage our loved ones, but as we all learned over the years there is a limit of high volume and tolerance :). 
With machines being able to offer real bandwidth/resolution much appreciated night listening can gain prolonged intervals of aural escaping and enjoyment of the beloved musical repertoire without cray sound pressures. 
So, yes. 21st century is brining the advancements. We can call it this endeavors the resolution game. I wouldn’t connect the word exactly to the usual implementation. I’m talking about real natural resolution that manifests in quite different way and can activate our senses into grand audio illusion way sooner and with much more believability. 
Matej Isak