Reflector Audio Bespoke loudspeakers

Patented Baffle-free Acoustic Design -The best loudspeaker enclosure is when there is no enclosure at all…
Bespoke Reflector loudspeakers are designed to deliver musical experience of exceptional dynamic range and naturalness which can be achieved only by minimizing or even eliminating distortions of all kinds. One of significant sources of distortion is a speaker cabinet itself, and the solution to this problem lies either in crafting the cabinet with extreme care or designing loudspeakers without it. Therefore, bespoke Reflector loudspeakers are designed without enclosure to emit sound solely with speaker drivers. Such design approach provides control over sound radiation pattern, is conducive to performance without enclosure introduced resonances as well as reflections, and allows faster, more detailed and natural sound reproduction across low frequency range – which is fundamental.
The core technology of Reflector Bespoke line loudspeakers is our unique and patented baffle-free acoustic design which ensures many benefits. It allows focusing sound radiation to the desired area in a room with minimal lateral radiation down to the lowest frequency, which significantly reduces destructive effects of room resonances. Such design approach gives unparalleled sound reproduction without usual attendant compromises, caused by the speaker’s enclosure.
Reflector Bespoke line loudspeakers are individually crafted for each customer to guarantee complete satisfaction. Therefore, we offer diverse choices of components and visual appearance options to provide our dedicated patrons a completely personalized solution.
Reflector Audio team truly loves music and strives to create loudspeakers to reproduce music in its purest form – alive and powerful.
Every single loudspeaker, crafted by Reflector Audio, combines sophisticated expertise and meticulous attention to detail to ensure unparalleled, repeatable and stable performance. Every Reflector loudspeaker goes through a relentless all-around quality control, rigorous system tuning and a final manual assembly process.
We care about every Reflector Audio customer, and it is our contention that our each customer is entitled a special treatment. We deliver full range of the highest quality solutions to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction, be it our standard line of products or bespoke solutions.

Technical Specifications

Acoustic Design: 2-way baffle-free
Frequency Range: 18 Hz-20 kHz
Max continuous Sound Pressure Level: 105 dB @ 18 Hz, 125 dB (40 Hz-20 kHz)
Sensitivity: 105 dB 1W/1m
X-over frequency: 550Hz