Roksan The 2016 Radius 7 Record Player NEW

A stunning combination of style and technology for the ultimate contemporary vinyl experience…
Roksan are acknowledged worldwide as pioneers of record player technology, with over thirty years of experience and success in the market. Consequently we know that any new turntable we produce has to exceed performance and style expectations.
With the Radius 7 we believe we have created yet another new reference at its price point. It offers renewed excitement and refinement from a tried and tested design model, yet with considerable improvements in overall performance. It bears all the hallmarks of the previous Radius 5 but utilises new technology and design materials to take the aesthetic appeal, technical performance and musicality up several notches.
The overall timeless yet modern design remains but now has new, unique and striking precision-machined ‘glass-effect’  finish.
Perhaps most signi cant to the performance, the Radius 7 uses a completely new and advanced motor assembly unit with electronic speed selection. This motor is derived from that used in Roksan’s reference RPM speed control for the Xerxes. It’s an exceptionally accurate device, featuring a very high accuracy, temperature compensated crystal speed control system, which maintains pitch-perfect speed stability for both 33 & 45rpm, irrespective of voltage variations.
On the motor assembly, an LED illuminates either blue (33rpm) or red (45rpm) to show the relevant platter speed which, with the glass-effect design, gives the overall appearance of the turntable a different and appealing aesthetic perspective.
The Radius 7 uses two switches on the motor, one for start/stop and the other for speed selection. This electronic speed selection ensures that there is no need to remove the belt from one pulley size to another. Therefore a new high quality, one-size pulley made from an aluminium alloy is featured which caters for the new motor assembly.

The end result is a turntable with signi cant performance and style and one that offers superlative value for money.

In addition, exisiting Radius 5 owners can, for a modest outlay, upgrade their turntable to Radius 7 speci cation.
• Newly designed motor assembly
• Super-accurate crystal speed control system
• Electronic switching between speeds (33 & 45 rpm)
• New high quality aluminium alloy pulley system
• Stylish new ‘glass effect’  finish
• Red & blue LED illumination to signify speed