Roon 1.3 is going live today!

Roon 1.3 is going live today! Roon Labs most ambitious release ever – in the works for nearly nine months. With new streaming hardware support, audio processing, DSP, file handling, metadata management, and social sharing, there are new features and improvements in almost every area of the product.
Roon Labs team incorporated hundreds of suggestions from the users, and thrown in a few of their own: 
With the 1.3 update, Roon now streams to Sonos devices! This means all the users in a home – with one app and one music collection – can play music to Sonos, Airplay, Squeezebox, Sooloos, and any of over 50 Roon Ready devices available today. 
We’ve added a whole family of audio and DSP features with a 64-bit audio pipeline, including dynamic range analysis, EQ, upsampling, crossfeed for headphones, and adjustments for headroom as well as corrections for speaker phase and delay. 
Roon learns about you as you use it. You create playlists, tags, and groom your collection to be presented just the way you want. Now all of that can be automatically backed up, both locally and to Dropbox. Backups are incremental and configurable, so you can save as much history as you like. 
Roon users have been talking about their favorite music on our community site, on social networks, and even by texting screenshots from their phones. With 1.3, you can create shareable images about artists, albums, and songs, including all of Roon’s metadata and your own comments. Images can be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur, or saved to your device. 
Starting with a new lightning-fast search, we’ve improved performance across the board. Audio and database operations are faster, and communication between Core and Remotes is more responsive.
More to come…