Satana Abraxas MoFi SACD release

“Santana “Abraxas” is now available on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD. This groundbreaking album from September 1970 was painstakingly transferred from the original two-track master tapes utilizing Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s hot-rodded Studer A80 tape transport and DSD converters. As with previous Mobile Fidelity versions, the channel orientation of the music accurately reflects the intentions of the original session producer, Fred Catero.

These all new transfers owe their extended resolution to Tim de Paravicini of EAR and Yoshino fame, with his modifications to the tape reproducer amplifier increasing the playback frequency response of our transport from 5 Hz to well beyond 50 kHz.

As with all Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab products, the mastering procedures come directly from Stan Ricker, the engineer responsible for many of our best known titles. Due to this meticulous approach, our products take more time to accomplish. We are sure that you will find this hybrid SACD worth the wait.”