The marble speakers’ enclosure, made in Switzerland… Here you go… “The purity of marble is brought to life by the magic of music with Saxum Canorus, the loudspeakers that surpass the current concept of high-fidelity audio reproduction.”

“An ancient material as rich in history as our mountains, marble is the true innovative element of Saxum Canorus. Saxum Canorus is the result of an innovative project born from the desire to merge experience with the passion for sound and music.

This imposing loudspeaker, created from a 135 cm high marble column, is the ideal instrument for a unique experience in seducing the strictest eye and finest ear. Margarita is equipped with a ventilated two-way system and composed of two 6.5’ woofers, a tweeter with a soft silk 20 mm dome and a dedicated passive crossover.
The technical equipment also includes a bi-wiring system and 24-karat gold plated screw clamps. Margarita’s elegant design lets you easily integrate it into any style of interior.”