SCHNERZINGER audio cables

The fine folks at SCHNERZINGER have just sent me some photos of the session they have at my audio room. It was a fine session and a well timed experience for me. They shared to me that each experience in a different set up is unique as to the selection of SCHNERZINGER cable(s) and accessories used to achieve the desired result. As proven in a number of house meets here that it is not necessary to treat the entire system with full SCHNERZINGER products to taste their advantage. 
These good folks are more than happy to pay anyone interested to a home demo. Then what is needed can easily be identifiable and tackled to heart’s content or enjoyment. Here, you can contact either Michael Schwab of SCHNERZINGER or Lup Yoong Kam for a demo that may change your audio perception of what is possible from your existing audio set up…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han