Schnerzinger WOW factor

“There are times when you experience a wow factor in your audio journey. This is the second time I had the opportunity to demo Schnerzinger products and I tell myself – wow wow wow…. A friend who demoed the products told me how effects were probably better than the ultra expensive Tripoint system. Schnerzinger products are certainly a class of its own & pretty unique too.

Not exactly cheap but if u craze for higher fidelity is on an unending chase for better sound quality, this maybe the end game for u as far as tweaks and cabling are concerned.” – Song Soon Onn.

Demoed the following 
1. Grid protector 
2. Component protecting connecting to Vitus Preamplifier & my ancient Orpheus transport
3. Giga Protector – work in pair of 2
4. Network protector
5. Schnerzinger lowest end cable but it’s high end in SQ
6. Schnerzinger PC- when inserted my Syststem seems to go on turbocharge mode