Sculpture Acoustic Chrysalis speakers

Chrysalis comes as very differnt loudspeaker project inspired by the Steam Punk movement. This three-way speakers were designed to offer best dynamic impact and extraordinary linearity as well as perfectly cohesive sound stage.
Below are photo set of the production and final outcome.


Speaker type: 3-way filter frequency, semi bass reflex (cushioned)
Maximum Permissible Power: 150W RMS
Cutting frequencies Graves to 800Hz, 6000Hz to Mass, to limit tweeter Treble (22000Hz)
Building material: MDF fibers in thickness not less than 25mm.
Surface finish: Imitation cast brass (acrylic paint)
Weight: 32Kg
Dimensions (maximum levels):
Height: 990mm
wide: 440mm
depth: 490mm
Internal absorption system: polyurethane foam 50mm
External insulation system: four points decoupling Dynavox brass

Link: here.