Sierra Audio Horns and 300B Amps.

Sierra Aznar Victor’s Sierra Audio Bespoke Custom horns and 300B amplifiers. “Handcrafted by the best artisan in its craft. This is our Masterpiece series in Lamborghini Orange and Premium Hardwood finished in High gloss on the liquid glass. With Sierra Audio, we strive for beauty, exquisite workmanship and performance. Our system goal is to give listeners a musical experience that takes you closer to the real performances.”

“Emotionally you can connect. Hi-fi sounding is NOT our direction. To start, our hard solid wood is carefully selected for the finest wood grain character that flows seamlessly through the many wood sections. The selection of the wood is also a big part of the overall sound that makes our horn system have an amazing natural, life-like, real and organic tonality. Metal, plastic material in our tests sounded colored and artificial in comparison. No matter what damping used. Thus contributing to listener fatigue and our priority of natural sound is not achieved. That is why we go through the painstaking, costly and time-consuming construction of our wooden horns. The mid horn curvature and overall mass (thickness of the hardwood) have been a culmination of many years of experimenting with different flares/curvatures in relation to the drivers and its phase plug design. We ended up with a horn that’s influenced by the tractrix flare with a transition to a LeCleach towards the exit of the horns. This fusion gave us the best of both worlds and the least compromised.
We ended up having a horn system that has a very linear response with an open sound all throughout the room. There is no horn reflection sound nor a small Sweet spot that haunted many horns. We used a conical in our midbass on sectional hardwood with the entended round lip as this resulted in our experience to have a very smooth transition from the mids and also gave us the best frequency response and actual listening confirmed to us that this sounded best. All our Horn system is physically time-aligned. We value Proper time alignment to get phase and time-domain right. It is essential for us. The overall system is 106db efficient. The best Duelund Capacitors and custom-wound Inductors are the mainstays. Due to all the meticulous steps, we took in every part of the horn design and construction it allowed us to use very simple crossover that gets us closer to the music. As for our custom nature we offer options from any color and finish you want up to the drivers used whether you want us to go all out using the very best custom field coil drivers with choices of Berillium or Aluminum diaphragms., or have vintage Alnico drivers put in and such. We can work with personalizing your horn system to match any home decor and make you a unique one of a kind Bespoke Horn system that’s not possible in commercial high-end Audio speakers.”