Sierra Audio Opaline JR Speakers.

Sierra Aznar Victor writes: “This Particular Opaline Jr stand-mount speaker I made from start to finish myself all for the love and passion. This One has been a fun journey,  having been developing this Standmount design for 3 yrs now, and finally in process of finalizing little details and changes for the final finished version being built for a couple of special friends that have been waiting for the completion for some time.” 

As goals of the design were extremely of the highest order, where no stand mount has gone before. Per se. 
The main objective was to build something compact that will work in all kinds of rooms due to its bookshelf’s small size nature.
Then, it should not have limitations on almost all stand mounts. As I’m tired of making excuses when listening to stand-mount speakers. Limitations of dynamics, SPL, and scale, were the inability to recreate a real-life size sound-field. And many more.
I wanted non of that! High efficiency is a must. It must be Beautiful in all aspects including the attention to detail in the last bit. Must be above 95db/1watt. As I love low Powered triodes like 45,2a3.
It should recreate sound so real and natural with a sound field that’s life-size like my bigger horns. It should deliver dynamics at a high SPL level without closing in and showing the strain. Should have no feeling of any type of limitations when we are holding the remote and want to put the pedal to the metal. `Basically, build the best without budget limitations. 
While retaining the qualities where stand mounts excel. Imaging, a total holographic soundscape that makes speakers disappear and the MOST important trait…. Is a happy Wife with the WAF 🙂.
If any of my goals weren’t reached then it was a bust. It’s that or nothing.
I believe I’ve accomplished these goals. This is of course, not possible without the collaboration of my friend and partner in Kanzen acoustic Stefan Andrei Chelariu that did the engineering development and design for the special 8” field coil drivers used. Through years of back-and-forth feedback/testing between both of us. The parameters of the highest order I asked for were achieved in spades. 
To know by heart your design and creation. I normally look over my builds while my crew of Artisans does an amazing job. This time, I felt I needed to build one myself. So I did. This piece I build from the ground up, to the last Graphene ceramic coating protection myself. Wanted to build to the highest standard to learn how to perfect it. I build one pair by myself and enjoyed every meticulous part of the construction. I pulled out my carpenter clothes and went to work. 
I would put money against ANY finish at any price point that’s built by robots and or aliens. Pic showed being tested in 3 different size rooms where it had to perform to our standards in each one.