Sigma Acoustics MAAT VECTOR XAC speakers

Second edition of the MAAT speakers comes with the reduced dimensions compared to the previous model. This allows better room placement, but without sacrificing high sensitivity (100db on 8 Ohms). MAAT VECTOR XAC was designed to be easily driven by any kind of electronics.

“MAAT VECTOR XAC speakers are offering consistency and truthfulness not only of sound but also of vibrations perceived by all our sensory points thanks to the use of two powerful 15 inch woofers, midrange with Alnico magnet (AC) and the latest generation Heil tweeter built specifically for this model.

Vector because the dispersion of the drivers on all vector planes can be adjusted so as to obtain a perfect soundstage for each type of listening.”
Technical data:
  • Sensitivity 100 db 8 ohm
  • Impedence 8 ohm minimum 5.2 at 300 hertz
  • Max power input 1000 watts
  • Frequency response 20-30000 hz  / 20-100000 hz optional
  • Tweeter: Special new generation neodymium  dipolar AMT Heil   made from  our specifications
  • Midrange high sensitivity papyrius fibres  and  Alnico Magnet
  • Double special woofer 15” on bass reflex system build  on our specifications
  • Weight Kg. 340 each
  • Dimensions  cm 80x64xh185