SIlvercore ultimate line power filter

As seen in the Silbatone room at this year’s Munich High-End Audio show, here is a monstrous take on the clean power. 
This is a brain child of Silvercore’s Christof Kraus. The main principle behind the Silvercore line filter is a so called four wire broad band V-LISN structure that is commonly found in the EMC measurement technology. This simulate a line filter from a perfect power grid, that supposed to be so clean that you can  measure the net backward effective interference components of connected devices. 
Christof Kraus used 16-mm inner wiring, with air coils on specially rounded POM bodies. This helps keeping the internal resistance at approximate 30 milliohms/m. This is value, that is even lower then measurement of a high quality two meter power cable.
To elevate the technical approach to even more exotic realms this unique device implements the technology used on the AWACS planes. 
Summing everything up Silvercore filter creates a condition where components being connected no logner “see” themselves and   do not interfere with each other.
This is something needed to be explored very soon..

Photos by FIDELITY Magazine of Germany.