Slate Audio – Glassmat for Garrard 301 and 401

First introduced in 1985, the Glassmat quickly became the best selling replacement turntable mat for both the Garrard 301 and 401. It was also an outstanding success when used with all other non suspended or heavyweight turntables. So successful was the Glassmat that demand often outstripped supply. Production ceased some fifteen years ago, however due to an ever increasing interest in the 301, 401 and other classics such as the Thorens TD124, there is now a renewed demand for The Glassmat. We therefore take great pleasure in re-introducing the Glassmat. By doing so we are now able to offer it to a new breed of connoisseurs. The amazing abilities of the the Garrard 301 and 401 and other classics of that period, have ensured that these players are now commanding the kind of price that they deserve. There was never been any doubt at Slate Audio that these players produced the best sound of all time, if reality is your priority, there simply is no other choice.
The Glassmat is so good, that Ken Kessler of Hi-Fi news asked us to include this mat as the prefered mat when we were asked to restore his own reference Garrard 401 and Thorens TD124  for him. We also fitted his decks to our Slate Audio Marble Plinth system, as well as providing him with our “Powerhouse” quartz referenced power supply. This system is still in use today in his demonstration room. The results of the revised and upgraded turntables were described by him as “magnificent”.
The Glassmat improves on the standard mat in a way that will astound you.The Glassmat is produced from “Low Iron Mirror Finished Glass” for a perfectly flat playing surface. The recess for the record label is machined precisely, using CNC technology. In use, the Glassmat will completely damp the platter, as well as provide a firm and unyielding surface for the record to play on. The sub-sonic bass that bowled you over on first hearing will now sound solid, taut, and completely natural with no loss of depth. The highs will be high and clear with true definition and clarity.  As for the mids, they will now be produced in a way that can be unnervingly realistic. We believe that playing music at home should be an event, one that excites and is something that you look forward to with anticipation.  The Glassmat will bring you closer to that event.

The new generation of Glassmats have been refined in certain areas. We now offer a specialised and dedicated mat for each of the Garrards. The Glassmat is now produced in both translucent cream or translucent brown, so are a perfect match for the 301 or 401. The translucent brown version has a universal appearance, and promises the same performance when used with all other non suspended or heavyweight turntables. We have also improved the interface between the platter and the Glassmat with the application of a special micro membrane. This important refinement has led to greater clarity and focus across the whole frequency spectrum.
The Glassmat will easily out-perform all standard or replacement mats for the 401/301/TD124/ETC, including the much more expensive Crystal Mat from Nagaoka.
Weight is 1.1 kg for increased mass and inertia, as well as complete damping of the platter. Low Iron Mirror finished glass. Diameter is 291.5mm, thickness is 6mm.

Stefano Bertoncello