Soulnote D-3 flaghship DAC insights

Many of you have asked me to provide more insight into the Soulnote D-3 DAC. Here are a few photos showing the digital board and its power supply and you can see four ES9038PRO DACs. The D-3 doesn’t have a built-in 10MHz clock, but it’s ready to use Soulnote’s external clock. There are two analog mono boards and power supplies mounted on a digital board. It contains a discrete non-NFB amplifier with Type-R circuitry. 

On the back of the D-3 are a DVI terminal and the Soulnote ultimate digital link “ZERO LINK” input. There are also two USB inputs, S/PDIF, AES /EBU, and both XLR and RCA outputs.

The D-3 is based on high-precision satellite quality foil resistors with excellent temperature characteristics that were designed from the ground up with only one merit; the highest sound quality.

Since this is a prototype, there is no silk print yet.