Soulnote & Pachanko Labs

SOULNOTE writes: “We have signed a contract with Pachanko Labs in Japan. The trigger was a high-end show in Munich. We borrowed the LAN cable that we use at our booth from Pachanko Labs.” 

“Since we have not been able to compare it with other cables, we later conducted a comparative test in our test room. It was very frustrating, but we decided that this cable was necessary for the development of our products. It is the direction to put out all the amount of information. Exactly the direction of SOULNOTE.
The bottleneck was the price.
As you know, I’m not a fan of expensive cables. Of course, high-end cables can certainly change the sound, but it does not necessarily align with the direction of SOULNOTE, and the extent of such changes can be adjusted in settings, and moreover, if the drastic change in sound due to a slight difference in electrical circuits and organism in development, it seems like nothing in cables.
There was only one cable that couldn’t change the way you think. This is RCC-1 on the clock cable. Just saying Ultra Precision Measuring Instruments cost way too expensive and I will never make them with an SMA terminal! There was also a strong pride in the manufacturing company. So, the other side also adopted an SMA terminal and reduced the price as compensation for the service parts (repair parts) that are limited to the price. RCC-1 is a commodity that neither our company nor our retailer, except for necessary expenses.
Pachanko Labs’ cable plans to reduce the sales price as much as possible with RCC-1, but still more than twice that of RCC-1. I was quite worried, but I signed a contract with Pachanko Labs thinking that “SOULNOTE’s development environment needs to be regenerative in general.”
Actually, at the Bay’s event in Kusasaki, we tried to compare it with the Bay’s reference cable, and I think everyone who was there was able to experience the shocking performance of Pachanko Labs LAN cable. We also tried Pachanko Labs USB cables and this one was amazing. Costs have been decided.
Our company provides LAN cable and USB cable rental trial cable (1.5m total). If you are interested, please contact our store to book a trial cable. Just for use at domestic and international events for a while, so renting will be after that. Since we only have one of each…
Now to break in is LAN Cable 1.5m / 3m 1.5m USB cable. It will be. Other Pachanko Labs products are undecided at this time.